Saturday, April 18, 2020

Just a Touch of Russiagate

I had thought we might get through a day without any, but a last minute check of reliable sources turned up two. First,  Chuck Ross at Da Caller reveals that the "primary source" of information to Christopher Steele, a Russian with ties to the Kremlin, who subsequently told the FBI that he didn't really stand by the information he had given, and that he was just passing on drunken bullshit, was also a Hillary supporter. Note the FBI failed to pass all of this information on to the FISA court when seeking the warrant on Carter Page (and by the two hop rule, most of Trump campaign. Si much for the BS about the Russians interfering in our elections for the sole purpose of aiding Trump

Steele Source Voiced ‘Strong Support’ For Hillary Clinton, Had Ties To Kremlin
A source of information for the Steele dossier had contacts with a Kremlin insider in early summer 2016, and also voiced “strong support” for Hillary Clinton, according to information declassified Wednesday.

Other declassified information shows that the U.S. intelligence community told the FBI in 2017 that two Russian intelligence officers were aware as of July 2016 that Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, was investigating Donald Trump.

The FBI also received evidence in early 2017, just after the dossier was published, that Russian operatives might have fed disinformation that ended up in the dossier.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified the information along with multiple other footnotes from the Justice Department office of inspector general’s (IG) report of the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign. (RELATED: Russian Intelligence Knew That Steele Was Probing Trump)

The footnote regarding the pro-Clinton Steele source does not tie the individual to the possible Russian disinformation campaign, but it shows for the first time that one of Steele’s sources might have had a political axe to grind against Donald Trump.

Steele himself was working indirectly for the Clinton campaign. An opposition research firm working for the presidential candidate and DNC hired Steele in June 2016 to investigate Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

Steele relied on just one source, dubbed “Primary Sub-Source” in the IG report, for information published in the dossier. The source collected information from a network of contacts, or sub-sources, and passed them along to Steele.

The Primary Sub-Source has disputed portions of Steele’s reporting. He told the FBI in a series of meetings in early 2017 that Steele misrepresented or embellished information in the dossier.

The IG report said that the pro-Clinton sub-source also disputed information in the dossier. The person told the FBI in an interview in August 2017 that the information attributed to him or her in the document had been “exaggerated.”

“He/she did not recognize anything as originating specifically from him/her,” the IG report stated.

The FBI received information in June 2017 revealing that Steele’s primary source had “personal and business ties” to the sub-source. The bureau also received information of “contacts between the sub-source and an individual in the Russian Presidential Administration in June/July 2016,” the newly declassified footnote stated.

The footnote is heavily redacted before a section that reads, “and the sub-source voicing strong support for candidate Clinton in the 2016 U.S. elections.”
Why hasn't Steele been arrested and charged with trying to interfere in our elections? Don't bother to answer; we already know, it would implicate too many people too high in the government.

And from Fox News, Roger Stone tells Tucker Without a pardon, my jail term 'is essentially a death sentence'

I think Trump will pardon him before it all plays out. Why is Michael Cohen, who is being let out of jail based on WuFlu, and Manafort and now Stone, are still being threatened with indefinite detention in germ ridden jails? Could it be that Michael Cohen turned on Trump, and the other two haven't?

I also want to see Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper in jail for lying to Congress also.

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