Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Just Some Russiagate

Only two, related articles to discuss Sundance at CTH reports, Chairman Schiff Sends Unilateral and Political Demand Letter to ODNI Richard Grenell…
HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff is one of the most partisan political operatives in DC. Schiff has a reputation of focusing exclusively on politics in every aspect of his responsibility. His political emphasis was highlighted today when chairman Schiff writes a letter to Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, angered that he was not consulted about executive branch personnel changes within the intelligence community.

Adam Schiff is such a hack… His protestations are actually a little funny . . .
Damn, that Trump forgetting that the House gets to vote on executive branch nominations....

As proof of his general asshattery, Instapundit,  ADAM SCHIFF IS A DISGRACEFUL POSEUR.

Sorry Adam, your 15 minutes died with impeachment.

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