Saturday, April 18, 2020

Rule 5 Saturday - Ana Alexander - Chemistry in the Land of the Lost

This week's Rule 5 lady is Ana Alexander aka "Pakuni Woman" from Land of the Lost, born Ana Katarina Stojanovic, February 1, 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia
Was discovered as a fashion model at the age of 12 while playing basketball for the renowned Serbian basketball team, Partisan. Soon after that, she then began her acting career by appearing in several Serbian commercials. She is also skilled at basketball, kickboxing, martial arts (Hapkido), stage fighting, weapon handling, volleyball, handball, yoga, horseback riding, water skiing, and down hill skiing. Ana Alexander is also adept in several dance styles including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, waltz and salsa. A famous family friend, actor Rados Bajic, asked Ana to be in her first movie when she was 13 in a peasant comedy, where she got her first experience working on a film set and after which she became one of the youngest students accepted into the University of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade for film and theater at age 16.

Due to the war in Serbia, her family decided to relocate in search of a better life, and at 17, the Stojanovic's moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where Alexander finished her diploma in BA and Drama School, graduating from the University of Cape Town. Alexander has traveled extensively throughout her life, living on three continents and in many different countries, including Serbia, South Africa, Germany, England, Italy, Austria and the United States of America, did theater and had a successful modeling career, for what she moved to New York in 2002, having appeared in numerous commercials and movies, moving to Los Angeles in 2003. She is fluent in Serbian, Russian and Afrikaans. She can also speak some Polish, Italian and German.

Ana is a big fan of comic books. She started reading them when she was just a little girl. When she was little her favorite comics were: The Phantom, Batman, Superman, The Crow, Prince Valiant, and Sandman.

Quit working on the series Chemistry (2011) right after the first season due to the excessive nudity that was required for her character (NSFW).

"I was told that some scenes would be artistic, but they turned out to be explicit. That's one of the reasons I don't wish to resume filming the second season of that series. People will start to think that I am going to take my clothes off in every film, which is unacceptable!"
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