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Today's Episode of Russiagate, Starring Our Man Flynn

News in the Flynn atrocity today. From John Solomon's site, Just the News, Flynn attorney seeks immediate dismissal, saying new evidence shows Trump adviser was 'framed'
Attorneys for retired Gen. Michael Flynn asked a judge Friday to dismiss his criminal conviction immediately, saying new evidence belatedly turned over by federal prosecutors proves the former national security adviser to President Trump was framed in the Russia investigation.

“This afternoon, the government produced to Mr. Flynn stunning Brady evidence that proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI,” Flynn’s attorneys said in an eight page filing
Brady evidence is pretrial information that could exonerate a defendant.

The attorneys also argued in the filings that the long-awaited evidence defeats any argument that a key interview with Flynn on January 24, 2017, was material to any “investigation.”

The redacted documents were filed in a District of Columbia federal court as a supplement to Flynn’s court motion in January to dismiss charges against him. You can read the filing here.
But of course, you can't actually see the evidence. Da Caller,  Source Says FBI Director Christopher Wray Pushed To Withhold Exculpatory Evidence In Mike Flynn Case. He'd rather see an innocent man go to prison that to see the FBI look bad.
“This afternoon, the government produced to Mr. Flynn stunning Brady evidence that proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI,” Powell wrote in an additional filing. “The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution—knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn.”

“Since August 2016 at the latest, partisan FBI and DOJ leaders conspired to destroy Mr. Flynn,” she continued. “These documents show in their own handwriting and emails that they intended either to create an offense they could prosecute or at least get him fired.”
Powell claimed that more exculpatory evidence in the case will surface in the future.

An FBI official told The Federalist that FBI general counsel Dana Boente was behind the effort to block the release of the Brady Material, yet Daily Caller’s source explained Boente was acting in coordination with Wray.
Sundance at CTH is on it, with  Flynn Case Update – Reviewing Missouri U.S. Attorney Provides Exculpatory Evidence Under Seal…Flynn Defense Files Supplement For Motion to Dismiss – New Evidence of Mueller Blackmail Using Threat Against Flynn Jr… and The Ladder Truck Arrived Today – DOJ Disputes Independent Sources Who Affirm Boente and Wray Tried to Block Flynn Release…. The last is long and detailed with lots of back history. It tries to imagine what Barr thinks of all this.
So who are we going to believe?

Two independent FBI insider sources who tell two independent U.S. media outlets…. or one U.S. Attorney General who had previously attached his credibility to the corrupt head of a corrupt institution who is now under a FISA court microscope?


Here’s my strong spidey sense. Remember that FISA Court-ordered sequestration of evidence from the FBI exploitation of the FISA application?

My hunch is that’s likely part and parcel of the motive for Bill Barr to bring in the Missouri Attorney to look at the Flynn case. The timing doesn’t seem coincidental. It was immediately after the FISC order when AG Barr had the US Attorney start looking through the evidence against Flynn.

I suspect the Flynn release today is a consequence of that FISC order and not a sudden change of heart by AG Bill Barr to begin some magnanimous review of a case that he allowed Brandon Van Grack to retain control over…. and did nothing about… for over a year since Barr was confirmed.

I’d be willing to bet a donut on that suspicion.
Fred Fleitz at Fox,  Here's what's behind the Senate-House disputes on Russian meddling in 2016 election
Accusing the intelligence community of improper “analytic tradecraft” in analyzing Russia’s strategic intentions is an extremely grave indictment for a congressional oversight committee to make. In my opinion, there is no question the House Intelligence Committee is right for the reasons in its 2018 report and other subsequent findings.

The House committee found the intelligence community assessment violated protocols for drafting such assessments. This major finding shows why America needs strong legislative oversight over the intelligence services.

For example, although the protocols require intelligence community assessments to be “community products” and vetted with all intelligence agencies and analysts with equities in a given subject, only three intelligence agencies were asked to draft this assessment: the CIA, National Security Agency and FBI.

With the 14 other intelligence agencies left out, the three participating agencies included only two dozen “handpicked” analysts. Other intelligence agencies working on this issue, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, were excluded. In addition, House Intelligence Committee staff revealed the actual drafting of the intelligence community assessment was done by three close associates of former CIA Director Brennan, who has proven to be the most politicized intelligence chief in American history.

Contrary to common practice for controversial intelligence community assessments, Brennan’s team allowed no dissenting views or even an annex with reviews by outside experts.

These were extraordinary violations of intelligence community rules to ensure that analysis is accurate and trusted. The Senate committee reports ignored these foundational violations.
. . .
So what happens next? Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell is trying to get to the bottom of problems with the 2017 Russia intelligence community assessment. He has asked to see all of the intelligence on which it is based.
Nunes' team has a pretty good history of being right. Which is unusual in Congress. At Just The News, Former top CIA spy blasts old boss John Brennan’s ‘unpatriotic’ conduct as 'dereliction of duty'
"One of the things that bothers me the most is when someone kind of starts with their answer, and then they try to twist the facts to fit it," Hoffman said Tuesday. "I saw Brennan do that when I served under him CIA. And I saw him do it when he was, you know, a contributor at MSNBC accusing the president of treason with nothing whatsoever to back it up."

The former station chief said that Brennan's behavior related to the Russia collusion narrative was not much different than what he witnessed during his time serving under him at the CIA, the country's top spy agency.

"There were policies he supported, whether it was the policy in Syria or Iran. And when you told him something that would force him to challenge his assumptions, his response was just to get mad at you and not really want to hear what you have to say," Hoffman said.

Hoffman called Brennan's public behavior since leaving his CIA post an "extraordinary dereliction of duty."
. . .
"I just find his behavior to be abysmal, unpatriotic in retirement. I just, I think he's done a real disservice to the national dialogue on national security but on Russia in particular, and if you're concerned about about partisanship, he's just made it worse."
John Sexton at Hot Air reacts to finding that Christopher Steele Deleted His Notes And Records Related To The Dossier
Earlier this month, declassified footnotes from IG Horowitz’ report revealed that the FBI believed in 2017 that Steele’s dossier was at least partly based on Russian disinformation. At the time I wrote about it, the exact dates of some of the events in question were still redacted. However, those redactions were later removed. They show that despite evidence the dossier was compromised with misinformation it was used as a key part of a FISA warrant application renewal targeting Trump campaign aide Carter Page. In fact, the FBI never mentioned the potential compromise to the court.

The FBI accused an American citizen of being a foreign agent based on a document which likely contained Russian disinformation. And now we know that any effort to double-check Steele’s work appears to be lost because he deleted all of his own notes and recordings.
Ace is more direct, Wiped, Like With a Cloth? Christopher Steele Testifies He Cannot Produce Records Of His Alleged Conversations With His Alleged Single Source Because They've All Been... 



Lot of that goin' round, huh?
. . .
I think this is a good time to recall that the Senate issued a criminal referral to the DOJ over Steele's apparent perjury to Congress.
And the feel good story of the day, Michael Avenatti released from jail after quarantine due to coronavirus threat. Keep closer track of your wallet.
Disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti walked out of a New York City federal jail Friday morning after a judge ordered his temporary release due to coronavirus fears.

The onetime agitator of President Trump left the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan at around 11 a.m., his attorney Dean Steward said. Avenatti is required to return to the facility in 90 days.

Avenatti has been in quarantine for the past 14 days at the facility to make sure he doesn't have signs of the novel coronavirus that has infected 2.7 million people worldwide.
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