Friday, March 3, 2017

Reason #5463 Trump Was Elected

Have I mentioned the dishonest media yet? I have? Well, another example is in the news. Ann Althouse on the media response to Jeff Sessions congressional testimony which is being touted in the media as lying to Congress: "There continues to be no there, there."
 I've read the new material and don't think it adds up to anything. That's why I chose the Spicer quote for the post title. But if you want to discuss it, I've got an open mind. When I first saw the news alerts last night, I started saying "Jeff Sessions lied to Congress," even though I knew that wasn't quite accurate, and Meade pointed out that's how news stories like this are effective. Even when there's nothing misstated in the news article, it can work to put a false idea in your head.
The actual question and answer:
Franken: "CNN just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week that included information that quote, ‘Russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.’ These documents also allegedly say quote, ‘There was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump's surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.’

"Now, again, I'm telling you this as it's coming out, so you know. But if it's true, it's obviously extremely serious and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?"

Sessions: "Senator Franken, I'm not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn't have — did not have communications with the Russians, and I'm unable to comment on it."

The lead up to the question is so convoluted it's hard to see where it's headed, but the final question is "what will you do." The answer is more direct.

So it's clearly a question and answer about his role in the campaign. Now it turns out that Sen. Sessions met the Russian Ambassador twice, once in his office and once at a gathering, and there was no talk about the campaign. That's kind of the purpose of ambassadors; they meet people.

Whoa! Schumer has been working for Putin for how long?

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