Saturday, March 4, 2017

Los Lobos

This summer, in our journey to Murphys, we met Rick who lives across from my parents house, who happens to be the road manager and back up drummer for Los Lobos, the classic rock band originally from East Los Angeles.

When we saw they were coming to the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, we got tickets, and well, today was the day.

We arrived around 5 for the first show, met Rick, who was setting up and chatted briefly, before we sat down for some pub food and a beer (or two). Rick explained that David Delgado, the lead singer for the group had an accident the day before, and had spent the night in the hospital, and went home to recover. But he promised a good show none the less.

Eventually, the lights dimmed, and a huge mountain of a man, grossly overweight and with long stringy hair came on stage, clutching a Taylor acoustic guitar and sat down. Matt Andersen. This was the last song of his warm up set.

That dude can play the guitar and sing! (This song is not the finest example of his playing; he can flat pick better than most people finger pick

Then Los Lobos came on. Even without their main singer, they were a powerful group, and shockingly, for a three decade old band, largely original members.

Here they are from a few years ago doing a couple of "Dead" pieces:

About half way through the set, Matt Andersen came on, picked up a well worn Telecaster and joined the band. He is as good with the Tele as he was with the Taylor.

A good time.

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