Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Beach Report, 4/11/15

The wind came up this afternoon, 20 gusting to 30 out of the north. But it was 60 F, and sunny, and pretty at the beach.
The Daffodils and Narcissus that have survived from gardens slumped down the cliffs are in full bloom, although the Kudzu that covers the cliffs has not yet showed a trace of green.
The new revetment at Calvert Beach is done. As I feared, it may become an obstacle at high tide; today at low tide there was only a few feet of beach to walk on in front of it.
The Coltsfoot which grows in some areas of the cliffs is also in full bloom. It blooms and sets seed before it's umbrella like leaves emerge from the underground roots.
A good day out to walk the dog.
The first Osprey I've seen at the beach this year, although we saw a pair back before St. Patrick's Day circling the water tank in St. Leonard.
The Horned Grebes are still in the harbor, and getting brighter every day.
A cool pattern in the sand.

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