Saturday, April 18, 2015

Opening Day at the Beach

Today is opening day for Maryland's Rockfish (Striped Bass) season, an excellent day to stay away from the anxious and sometimes angry crowd of anglers out on the water. Fortunately, it was also drop dead gorgeous out, 60 F with little wind, a great day to walk the beach.
Our trees are starting to green out now.
Even a few blow boaters were out and about.
The yellow along the edge of shoreline is pollen. I don't know which trees are shedding pollen right now (probably pines, it's too early for oaks), but which ever it is, they're making lots of it. A good thing I'm not allergic to them.
It was also the opening morning of "beach babe" season and we had a healthy contingent out, trying to get rid of the winter pales.

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