Saturday, April 11, 2015

Washington Post Starts Campaign for Hillary

I staggered out of bed this morning to find this headline below the fold on the front page of the morning Washington Post:

Clinton to enter race with savvy understatement*
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s long anticipated entry into the 2016 presidential race took shape Friday, with Democrats saying she will announce her candidacy on Sunday and begin a series of deliberately small discussions with voters next week.
Whether or not her means of entry into the campaign is savvy or not is one which should be decided after the fact, by its result, rather than the imaginings of whatever Post editor wrote this obsequious gem. At this point, Republicans ought to be suing to have the entire budget of the Post declared a Democratic campaign expenditure.

*Note that this link is to the faux-paper edition; the electronic story starts: Hillary Clinton begins her entry into the 2016 presidential race. It's about 10 characters longer; maybe the shorter title in the print edition is to save the world from carbon pollution from the added ink and associated costs.

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