Sunday, April 12, 2015

Obama Admin Pins Bad Economy on Lack of Global Warming

But, of course, they don't quite come out and say it that way:

Last 2 years running, The White House blamed extreme cold for the faltering economy
President Obama’s economic advisors have just blamed the faltering performance of the US economy this year on cold winter weather – just like they did last year.

According to Politico;
Jason Furman, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, recently told Congress the White House still “expects that the economy will continue to grow at an above-trend rate and that the unemployment rate will decline further.” Furman added that less fiscal brinkmanship could allow the economy to overcome a winter slowdown and speed up heading into the fall. Furman on Friday said “a range of factors including the weather and the global economic slowdown have affected economic data for the first quarter.”
The story from April 2014
The White House was quick to note that this year’s insanely cold winter slowed growth, and indicators in March, when temperatures warmed a bit, were stronger.
The 2012-13 and 2011 winters were milder – but in 2012, the President provoked uproar when he cut winter fuel assistance for poor people

2010 was Snowmageddon – so no guesses for what got the blame that year.
Of course, the new "truthiness" is that what ever happens with weather that's bad will be blamed on global warming by progressives, while whatever good that happens will be seen a brief throwback to the good old days of the 1969 Climate Optimum (I have a theory that everybody thinks the weather should be like the year they graduated from high school; in my case 1969, before the cool spell in the 70s that gave rise to the ice age fears, and well before the 80s-90s warming that followed),

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