Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eastern Shore Takes Credit for Killing Bay Wind Power Project

It's a pretty good run down of just how lousy wind power is from an environmental, public health and power generation standpoint, but not much we haven't heard before. But this was interesting:
“They were going to construct 400-foot wind turbines,” explained Mrs. Truitt. “As time progressed, those turbines increased in size to 600 up to 700 feet.”

“The wind resource here in Somerset County is considered poor/marginal for industrial wind,” she added, which is why Pioneer found it necessary to increase the height so drastically. Why a company such as Pioneer would select such a poor wind area provides a lesson on how these large corporations conduct business.

“Pioneer Green kept harping on how poor our county was and that they would be spending $200 million in our county for economic development,” said Mrs. Truitt. “They target rural counties that are economically stressed.”
I don't see the problem with that. The land is cheaper and the people need the work. Win - win.
Incredibly, Mrs. Truitt explained, “They don’t even factor wind resource into the top three criteria when they’re citing a project.”

“Wind survives on politics,” Mrs. Truitt said, “and part of the politics is the mandate where the government requires x-amount of energy to come from renewables, and then they require the suppliers to purchase the renewable energy no matter what the price.”
I think the Patuxent River Naval Air Station radar issue is what really did in the project.

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