Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ISIS Sets First Fishing Regulations

No grenades, RPGs or bombs allowed.

In an effort to actually govern the area that it has nominally conquered, ISIS has begun to write and enforce regulations (besides death to non-believers) in its territories. Among them is a ban on fishing with explosives:
It is an Islamic principle to care for the environment, so that's one reason that using explosives to catch fish is banned.
No mention of the penalty.

ISIS also has the buses running on a schedule, is issuing birth certificates and running a nationalized health care program:
"This is one thing that distinguishes ISIS from groups like the Taliban, which forbids vaccinations. Polio is a problem in Pakistan because the Taliban believes the vaccines are a forbidden substance. But ISIS is not that primitive," says Al-Tamimi.
Among other notable regulations:

Rent control
And a quote from the Quran saying property owners should lessen the burden on renters to earn spiritual rewards is used at the start of a document outlining a policy on rent control.
Education for women permitted, up to age 15

Gaming legal, up to a point:
Foosball can be played, provided there is no gambling and the faces or heads are taken off the figurines to prevent idol worship. A fatwa on entertainment goes on to say that chess, billiards and other "contemporary games" do not benefit Muslims but may be played if they do not distract from religious obligations.
Sounds a bit like the Democrats plans for America.

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