Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Free Ranger" Parents to Sue Somebody

Parents of "Free-Range" Kids to File Lawsuit, Attorney Says
The parents of two Maryland children who were taken into police custody after playing alone at a park will file a lawsuit, a lawyer for the family said Tuesday.

It's not clear who will be named in the suit, but the attorney confirmed to News4's Kristin Wright that a lawsuit will be filed "soon."

Matthew Dowd, an attorney with the Wiley Rein law firm, said in a release Tuesday that 10-year-old Rafi Meitiv and his 6-year-old sister, Dvora, were held in a police car for almost three hours, went more than six hours without being fed, and weren't returned to their parents until nearly midnight.

The suit stems from an incident Sunday, the second time police got involved with Danielle and Alexander Meitiv and their kids.
I heartily encourage the Meitivs in their quixotic attempt to harass the authorities in return. Maybe they need a GoFundMe site. I'd contribute. At least until "The Madison Fund" picks up their suit.

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