Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shocking Research Shows Men Prefer to Give Money to Pretty Women

Lola O'Neil, fundraiser for the
"Beyond Skin Foundation"
Men Strive To Give More To Charity When The Fundraiser Is Cute
Researchers in the United Kingdom reviewed thousands of online donation pages from the 2014 Virgin London Marathon. Runners participating in the marathon usually put up a fundraising page where they can raise money for a charity of their choice. And donations are made publicly, so the researchers could keep track of donors' names and how much they contributed.
Ramona Rina Amiri, fundraiser for
Miss World Kanada

It turned out that everyone was a little competitive on online donation platforms: people on average gave about £10 more after seeing others' large donations.

But men donating to attractive female fundraisers were extra competitive. They contributed £28 more than the last guy, on average.

Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran,
 fundraisers for against anorexia
 Cheapskates. On average, I mean.

"The results were quite surprising, actually, in that they were completely in line with the theory that men are hardwired to act competitively in this way," says Sarah Smith, an economist at the University of Bristol and a one of the researchers behind the study.
It takes a special kind of naivete to be surprised at these results, one which could only be found in academia. Clearly, real fundraisers already know better.

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