Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Your Daily Dose of Trivia

How do you say 'pecan'?
April is national pecan month, and while it's easy to celebrate by cooking up some pecan treats, it's a little hard to talk about it. Is it pih-KAHN or PEE-kan? Or maybe puh-KAN? There may be as many ways to say it as there are pecans in a pie. What makes this word so hard to pin down?

The main thing people disagree on is which syllable to stress. The pe-KAHN vs. PE-kan difficulty can be traced back to a problem that's plagued English for a long time. . .

by contrast "pajamas"

Looks like almost nobody talks about pecans (however they're pronounced) very much. FWIW, I was raised with "pi-KHAN" and "father" in pajamas.

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