Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Wombat News Review

From "Live at FiveSeven: 01.14.15."

“Survivors’ Issue” Of Charlie Hebdo Sells Out In Minutes Amid Backlash from Muslim Leaders: Pope Francis, Chancellor Merkel also mocked in this week’s issue - Great. Don't show any weakness.

Hope Solo
Domestic Violence Charges Against Hope Solo Dropped - Her nephew and half-sister refused to be deposed in the case. Hmmm. Would the case be dropped against a man in a similar instance?

Romney Phones Party Allies; Advisor Says 2016 Bid Very Likely - Mitt is a very nice man, and would have made a much better Preznit than the current occupant, but he blew an eminently winnable election. Why would we want him to try again? Let in some new blood.

Virginia Democrat Wins Re-Election Despite Teen Sex Scandal - Will have to return to jail when not legislating. Clearly the Democratic constituents are OK with child abuse and sexual harassment, as long as it's committed by democrats.

Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel Is Expecting - Another Hollywood actress/singer for Social Security Security!

House Moves Toward Vote On Defunding Executive Amnesty; Obama Threatens Veto - I'm OK with Obama vetoing a bill that tries stop his amnesty. They might need to pass it every month or so between now and Nov. 2016 to make the point.

Ohio Bartender Charged With Threatening To Murder John Boehner - Have they checked his email to see if he was communicating with Nancy Pelosi?

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears Pulls Out Huge Knife To Break Up Fight - Britney's little sister grabs a knife that Crocodile Dundee would approve of off a counter to stop a fight in a store. Those bayou girls are pretty mean.

Asian Crude Slide Continues As Growing Glut Triggers Floating Storage: WTI $45.60, Brent $46.19 - US Predicts Shale Slowdown As Oil Prices Drop - Another good trend; there will be some disruptions particularly in US production, but we can pump that later, when the Saudi's run dry.

Lauer, Curry Still Bitter Over 2012 “Today” Firing - Count this among things that don't concern me. Well, maybe a fleeting amusement.

Fuselage of Crashed AirAsia Plane Located - Ongoing search is working.

Daesh Video Shows Child Executing Alleged Russian Agents - Expect some really gruesome things to start happening to some ISIS people behind the scenes.

Survey Shows Antisemitic Views Common Among Britons - I'm shocked, shocked that casual bigotry exists among the enlightened Europeans. But a least they have nationalsocialized health care.

Japan Cabinet Approves Record Military Budget With Eye On Chicoms - They're getting nervous. For good reason.

Syria’s Bashar Assad Expresses Sympathy For Paris Terror Victims - He's very European. He can fake sympathy with the best of them.

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