Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Les origines de la beauté

Dienekes' anthropology blog this link to a project dedicated to exploring the diversity of female beauty across the human race:

This seems like a very interesting project that has an associated Youtube channel. Old works of physical anthropology often included galleries of physical types of different ethnic and racial groups, and for many people this would have been one of the few opportunities to see people much different than themselves. It is nice to see modern technology being used to preserve a snapshot of the appearance of (admittedly not-average) examples of living ethnic groups. Of course, this is not a problem for the more populous or culturally prominent ethnic groups of the world, but when was the last time you saw what a Kalmyk, Uyghur, Kyrghyz, Altaian,Bashkir, or Lezgin looked like?

The presentation of the project "The Ethnic Origins of Beauty" from NBRECstudio on Vimeo.

Wombat-socho had the "Rule 5 Sunday: Wax Ecstatic" post up at The Other McCain before Superbowl night was over.

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