Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wombat Tuesday News

Morsels of grass and sedge news left by the Wombat in "Live at Five: 01.13.15."

White House Admits Not Sending Someone To Paris Rally Was A Mistake - There's lots of speculation as to why the White House essentially ignored it while the President watch the playoffs. I see three, nonexclusive reasons 1) He just doesn't care anymore, and 2) He doesn't want to be associated with anything thing that even vaguely can be considered casting aspersions at Muslims as fanatics, and 3) Valeria Jarrett gave him permission to skip it.

Paul Ryan: Not Running In 2016 - Kind of too bad. I think it would be nice to have a guy in there who is conversant with the numbers. He's not high on charisma either, but I think that's a trait we should down play in our politicians.

Allison Williams
Brian Williams “Not Fazed” By Daughter’s Sex Scene - He's probably thankful it's not Lena Dunham. Also being a show business pro, he know that there's nothing wrong with a little promotion.

Antonio Weis Withdraws From Consideration For Treasury Post - I had to read this one to understand that Elizabeth Warren is now running the administrations economic policy.
Angelina Jolie “Hurt”, “Upset” By Golden Globes Snub - Hollywood has now cast her into the outer darkness with the other "conservative" war mongers

Administration Finally Issues Obamacare Tax Forms - What, before taxes need to filed? Why the rush?

Van Hollen, House Dems Push For Tax Increases, Wealth Redistribution - The democrats have a "new" idea rape tax the rich, and distribute the money to themselves the "middle class." I think we've heard this one before.

Federal Judge Strikes Down SD Gay Marriage Ban - Now those unemployed gay Keystone pipeline welders can get married in all their spare time.

Albuquerque Tea Party Still In Limbo Five Years After Filing For Tax-Exempt Status - And I'm sure the IRS is still claiming that they haven't had enough time and or resources to put a thumb up or down.

Instagram Patches Flaw That Lets Anyone See Your Private Pics - I thought the point of selfies was to share them with the world? Speaking of selfies, how about some gratuitous Kate Upton?

Crude Oil Extends “Disconcerting” Fall: WTI $45.36, Brent $46.73 - And the Saudi prince says we'll never see $100 oil again, which probably means we will fairly soon.

Cadbury Creme Egg Change Angers Chocolate Lovers - An important story; I must get a pound to try to taste the difference.

France Deploys Over 10,000 Troops To Guard Vulnerable Sites - Now, to really impress me, undo the Islamic "no go" zones.

Divers Retrieve Crashed AirAsia Jet’s Cockpit Voice Recorder - Good

Administration Officials Say Cuba Has Freed 53 Political Prisoners - How long until the administration turns their back and the Castros find a way to reel them back in?

Former Mexican Mayor’s Wife Sent To Prison - What a horror show!
Bloggy stuff:
Twitchy: “Grade A Hypocrisy” Sally Kohn Says We Must All Be Careful Not To Infringe On Liberty
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American Thinker: The New Privileged Class – Illegal Immigrants
Jammie Wearing Fools: Dumbest Story Of The Day From WaPo – “France Has Strict Gun Laws. Why Didn’t That Save Charlie Hebdo Victims?”
Protein Wisdom: Hey, What Happened To The Phrase “I’m Not Anti-Semitic, I’m Anti-Zionist”?
The Gateway Pundit: Ralph Peters – “Yesterday President Obama Chose The Side Of Terrorists!”
The Lonely Conservative: Beware Democrats Promising Gifts To The Middle Class
This Ain’t Hell: Two More Female Marines Dropped From Infantry Course
Weasel Zippers: The VA Strikes Again – Veteran Dies Of Cancer After Waiting A Year For Screening
Megan McArdle: Obama’s College Plan Bows To Elites

Wombat-socho has the grand summary "Rule 5 Sunday: Cinnamon Girl" ready at The Other McCain.

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