Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fracking Earthquakes Roil Connecticut Countryside

If by fracking you mean small annoying ones, more of the Battlestar Galactica usage of the term. There is no fracking for gas and oil in Connecticut to blame for the quakes.

Connecticut officials coordinate earthquake preparation
After daily earthquakes in eastern Connecticut over the past week, officials have met to discuss ways the state can respond and residents can prepare. Officials from several state agencies said at a meeting Friday they want to make sure Connecticut is ready.

About a dozen earthquakes have been recorded in the Plainfield area in little more than a week. No significant damage was reported.
More details on the quakes:
John Ebel, director of Boston College’s Weston Observatory said in an interview Wednesday that at least 10 quakes had happened by Wednesday, but there might have been even more because some were too small to be detected by scientific instruments.

The largest seism in the swarm so far was a 3.3-magnitude quake that struck Monday morning.

It is impossible to tell if the quakes will continue, Ebel said, adding that there is less than a 1 percent chance of getting anything larger than the 3.3-magnitude quake.
Of course, if these minor tremors had occurred in a red state where there was active fracking, you know full well that the government and media would be rushing to place the blame there. As it is, I'm pretty sure they're desperately trying to find a way to blame it on global warming.

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