Monday, January 12, 2015

RIP: Anita Eckberg

In the Trevi Fountain
La Dolce Vita star Anita Ekberg dies
Anita Ekberg, star of La Dolce Vita, has died aged 83. A former Miss Sweden, she was branded a "sex goddess" for her performance in Federico Fellini's 1960 movie.

The moment where she wades through Rome's Trevi Fountain in a strapless dress is considered one of cinema's most iconic scenes.

Ekberg died in Rome on Sunday morning, her lawyer confirmed. She had been in hospital since Christmas following a series of illnesses.

The actress had been in a wheelchair for several years after being knocked down by one of her pet Great Danes, breaking a hip.
She was also the inspiration for many pinups of the 50s.
It was in Rome that she met director Federico Fellini, who cast her in La Dolce Vita as Sylvia Rank - "the most wonderful woman created since the beginning of time" - an actress pursued by news photographers.

The famous scene in the Trevi Fountain saw Ekberg and her co-star Marcello Mastroianni wading through the chilled waters in sensual abandon.

The sight of the water caressing her impossibly voluptuous body was shocking for audiences in the 1950s.

The Vatican condemned it, but the famously sharp-tongued actress was unrepentant.

"I'm very proud of my breasts, as every woman should be," she once said.
She had a lot to be proud of (NSFW link).

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  1. Anita Ekberg
    "I'm very proud of my breasts" Anita Ekberg was quoted as saying "It's not cellular obesity, it's womanliness"