Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Republicans Resist Insane Puffy Ex-Pornstar for Senate - Democrats Incensed

From Stacy McCain, gloating that he correctly predicted that Republicans would use Ashely Judd's admitted mental health problems against her in her wannabe run for Senate against Mitch McConnell:
Headline on the very first news article I wrote for ViralRead after becoming editor-in-chief on March 13:
Certainly my news report about Ashley Judd’s admitted history of mental illness did not reflect any knowledge of private discussions by the Senate Minority Leader and his staff. This information about Judd was an obvious enough vulnerability to anyone who bothered to Google.

But . . . damn. It’s just spooky sometimes.
Of course, the real "news" news on this is that Mother Jones Magazine today release surreptitiously made tapes of a Mitch McConnell campaign strategy meeting where they considered the possibility of  using her mental stability against her.  You wouldn't want some one you wouldn't trust with an assault scary black weapon because of their mental history legislating in the Senate, would you?

Democrats (and the MSM, but I am redundant) were outraged.  Not at the Nixonian wiretapping or surreptitiously taping of the campaign bull session.  That, of course, is OK when targeted at Republicans:

Iron Rule of American Media:

When a information is leaked about a Republican, the story is about the contents of the leak.

When information is leaked about a Democrat, the story is always about the skullduggery and possible illegality and definite underhanded means which begat the leak. And definitely not whatever the leak has disclosed.
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Wombat-Socho got "Rule 5 Sunday Wednesday: Once More into the Bleach" done on Wednesday this week; he says he's skipping next week to slave in the tax mines, and promises a double sized in the following week.  So check back Saturday morning to see what I've cooked up.

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