Sunday, April 14, 2013

AP Blames Abortion Mill on Obama Economy

You know they have to blame on something other than the desensitization it takes to kill kids moments after they emerge from the womb.

Philly abortion clinic workers saw few options 

They say they were just doing what the boss trained them to do.

But eight former employees of a run-down West Philadelphia abortion clinic now face prison time for the work they did for Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Three have pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. And Gosnell, 72, is on trial in the deaths of a patient and seven babies allegedly born alive.

In testimony at the capital murder trial this past month, an unlicensed doctor and untrained aides described long, chaotic days at the clinic. They said they performed grueling, often gruesome work for little more than minimum wage, paid by Gosnell under the table. But for most, it was the best job they could find.
Unlicensed doctor Stephen Massof, 50, of Pittsburgh, said he could not get a U.S. medical residency after finishing medical school in Grenada and went to work for Gosnell as a "backup plan" after six years running a bar. He admitted killing two babies by snipping their necks, as he said Gosnell taught him to do.

Eileen O'Neill, 56, had worked as a doctor in Louisiana but relinquished her medical license in 2000 to deal with "post-traumatic stress syndrome," according to her 2011 grand jury testimony. She is the only employee on trial with Gosnell, fighting false billing and racketeering charges...

Reserved Media Seating at Gosnell Trial
And so on, a long litany of people ending up working in Gosnell's abattoir because of the poor job market, i.e, the Obama economy.

Abortion is not my issue; as I have often said (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I think all liberals should have them, on the off chance that liberalism is an inherited condition, as they are apt to claim when feeling superior.

The mainstream media has had a problem with the Gosnell trial.  They've been unwilling to cover it because it shines a bad light on the abortion industry.  The Washington Post claimed they didn't cover it (until this morning) because, well, it was just a local murder trial.  And Newtown was just a local murder as well, right? 

As noted by Megan McArdle:

I could defend myself by saying that I wasn't aware that the Gosnell trial was going on. Abortion is not my beat, and the mailing lists that I am on weren't exactly blasting the news of this trial.

But that doesn't totally let me off the hook. I knew about the Gosnell case, and I wish I had followed it more closely, even though I'd rather not. In fact, those of us who are pro-choice should be especially interested. The whole point of legal abortion is to prevent what happened in Philadelphia: to make it safer and more humane. Somehow that ideal went terribly, horribly awry. We should demand to know why.

We must keep their feet to the fire.

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