Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maryland Changing Commercial Rockfish Regs

Changing to personal allocation based on past catch
...The proposed change is the allocation of individual quotas to fishing permit holders based on their Striped Bass catch histories from January 1, 2001 through February 29, 2012. New regulations will impact Striped Bass permit holders fishing in 2014. DNR has set a cutoff (control date) of May 10, 2013 as the date when a waterman with a record of catching Striped Bass must possess a commercial Striped Bass permit in order to be eligible for a 2014 allocation.
A system of allocation based on past fishing history is a method used widely elsewhere, say for example, the Alaskan crab fishery, as seen on "Deadliest Catch".  It does give the fishermen an "investment interest" in the fishery, and a guaranteed portion of the catch.  It reduces, at least to some extent, the "catch 'em today, who knows what will happen tomorrow" attitude that an open or semi open fishery can promulgate.  On the other hand, it is basically a reward for previous rape and pillage...
“There are watermen who participated in the Striped Bass fishery in the 2001 to 2012 period but no longer have a Striped Bass permit. There are also watermen working with a temporary transferred permit who have accumulated a catch history, which could justify a quota allocation for them under the new management program,” said Mike Luisi, director of DNR Fisheries Estuarine and Marine Division. “It’s important that these watermen understand that their catch history will not be considered if they don’t possess a Striped Bass permit on May 10.”
The article isn't very clear on some of the details of the allocation; can it be sold or transferred?  This may make a significant difference in how watermen use the resource.
“We are asking that any permit owner or potential buyer considering a permanent Striped Bass permit transfer after May 10th consult with us before committing to a sale. We want fishermen to be well informed regarding the allocation impacts when making this business decision,” said Luisi.

Fishermen with any questions may contact Mike Luisi at 410-260-8341 or, or Janelle Mueller at 410-260-8270 or
Will it be better, or will we continue to see massive striped bass poaching the way we did two years ago?  If you officially own a piece of the pie, you're probably more likely to resent someone breaking into the house and stealing half the pie.  But I guess we'll find out in time

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