Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Migrants Return to the Beach

And by migrants, I mean Joel and Red, who just completed their northward journey to our area, arriving a few weeks behind the Ospreys and the butterflies.  Joel couldn't wait to show me the huge tooth he found today before I arrived, being compared to one of the two little ones I found... humiliating.

Some little boy made Skye's day by calling her a wolf.  We had to explain that, no, she is not a wold, just a snow dog.  Skye and Red made their acquaintance as usual, and went right back to trying to shove each other out of the way for treats.

Joel had to show off his big tooth to everybody.  It's a nice Mako, certainly a once a year or twice a year tooth for us.

This butterfly fluttered by seemingly drunkenly and lay over on its side in the sand.  I don't what was wrong; too cool maybe (it was mid 50s)?  I think it's our old friend the Clouded Sulphur (Colias philodice).

Since it seemed to be ailing, I took the opportunity to pick it up, and get a decent shot of the top side.  The black spot on top, and the orange spot on the hind wing seem pretty diagnostic, although colors for the Clouded Sulphur can be quite variable.  It flitted away (badly) when I let it loose again.

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