Friday, April 19, 2013

The Beetles are Back at the Beach!

It was a dark and stormy looking beach today, but it was really rather pleasant, over 70 F, with a stiff south wind (so it doesn't effect our beach much).  Apparently, a big line of thunderstorms are headed our way, but not until much later.

Georgia found a tooth sitting in the bottom of the little stream that comes out of Calvert Beach.  She won the count today, with five teeth to my one.

Trees are greening fast these days, especially when the temperature stays nice and warm like it has for a few days.

A gaggle of Canadian Geese were hanging off shore.  I don't know whether they're stragglers that haven't gone north yet, or "golf course" resident birds, that have learned to stay in Maryland over the summer.  No sign of the Buffies today, so maybe they've gone north.  They were here last weekend.

And spring would not be complete without our local endangered species, the Puritan Tiger Beetle, which have apparently emerged from their burrows in the cliffs to swarm on the sand.

On second look, however, this may be the much more common Bronzed Tiger Beetle.

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