Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two Days Worth of Beach Reports

I have two days worth of beach walks to get over here, not that all of them need reporting.  Friday was still breezy and cool when we arrived. 
Joel and Red were already in the midst of their rounds when we caught them.
Not a great day for fossils, but I did find a piece of a crocodile tooth.  Not the best specimen ever, but still rare enough to comment on.
Today was much nicer, with temps near 60, no wind to speak of, and still the clear blue sky.  Skye and I left Georgia at home to oversee the installation of a new roof on la Casa,
I confess, we walked a little far for Skye today, and at one point she just sat down and refused to budge, so we had to sit a while to let her get her strength back.  I guess that's the end of her Iditarod ambitions.  Red did lab things, like go in the water.

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