Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Body of China Beach - Dana Delaney

I chose an older one for this weeks Rule 5 post, Dana Delaney, currently playing a CSI type part, along with 7 of 9 in "Body of Proof." However, my first memory of Dana comes from "China Beach" (1988-1991), which tried, with only moderate success to do for the Vietnam War what MASH did for the Korean war.  With only moderate success I might add (only four seasons worth); I think the emotions were still too raw.

She has a long and relatively distinguished career in movies and TV, starting with soaps in the 70s (I told you she was an old one), and most recently before "Body..." a successful stint as a housewife on "Desperate Housewives".  Movie roles include "Almost You" (1985), Patty Hearst (1989), Moon over Parador (1989), "Exit to Eden" (1994) (NSFW Link), and "A Beautiful Life" (2008).

As with many actors and actresses, she has a couple of loose screws; nothing too awful:
Delany, in 2003, tried having an injection of botox in her forehead, but the needle hit a nerve and created a hematoma which affected the muscle in her right eye, causing it to droop slightly. In 2010, she vowed she will never have plastic surgery. She told Prevention in 2010 that she prefers eating healthily, including vegetables, tofu, fish, gluten-free pasta, and bread. Since she plays a neurosurgeon in her new ABC drama Body of Proof, she refuses to eat turkey sausage because of a perceived similarity with intestines seen on the set

Linked at Pirate's Cove by William Teach in "Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup." Also Wombat-Socho is on strike vacation this week, so you're on your own to find a big list of Rule 5 posts (although Teach's is a good place to start).

UPDATE: now linked at Wombat-Socho's ginourmous three week make-up "Rule 5 Sunday: Cinco de Mayo Massive Catching-Up Edition" at The Other McCain.


  1. Beautiful redhead! Both she and Stephanie Niznik look amazing in Exit to Eden!

  2. Hi, I'm searching for an episode of China Beach in which Dalany and one of the guys chases a pig around on the beach. Can you help?