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Flotsam and Jetsam - College Unrest Spreads

I'm not really feeling it today, so here goes nuttin.' From Althouse, "Federal Money Is All Over Milwaukee. Biden Hopes Voters Will Notice." "Headline at the NYT." Dan Block at the Slantic worries Will Biden Have a Gaza Problem in November’s Poll?  He should.  At Twitchy, KJP Dodges Qs About Protests As Biden's 2020 'Leadership' Jab at Trump Continues to Age Horribly. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.01.24 (afternoon edition), Twitchy, WH Staff Strategy To Shield Biden From Cameras & Questions Ramps Up and LI, James Carville Melting Down Over Sagging Support for Biden Among Young Voters. Cutie Pavlich at TownHall notices As Campuses Burn, Here's What Biden's Been Busy Doing. Fundraising and campaigning. R A W S A L E R T S@rawsalerts,  "#BREAKING: The Biden administration at the White House is reportedly considering bringing some refugees from Gaza into the united states, according to CBS."  KT at Hat Hair VIP, CBS News: Biden Considers Bringing Gaza Refugees to U.S. What could go wrong? Also, Biden's Get Around Parole Program for Inadmissible Migrants Flies Them Into 50 Cities. The Peacock worries as Morehouse College pushes the White House for 'direct engagement' ahead of Biden's speech "Top Biden campaign official Cedric Richmond has been in contact with Morehouse as faculty members raise concerns about unrest as campus protests spread nationwide." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Why would the White House agree to this in the first place? Biden's handlers won't make him available to speak about the massive anti-Semitic riots in college campuses; they just started issuing statements in his name in the past few days condemning the riots and the rhetoric. An appearance at a commencement now would make Biden look as though he's endorsing those anti-Semitic intimidation campaigns, plus force him to speak directly and publicly to the issue rather than hide behind Anita Dunn's skirts."

At Da Wire, DOJ’s Kristen Clarke Testified She Was Never Arrested. Court Records and Text Messages Indicate She Was. "Clarke’s ex-husband, Reginald Avery, alleged to the American Accountability Foundation’s Tom Jones in 2021 that Clarke attacked him with a knife, deeply slicing his finger to the bone, on the night of July 4, 2006, while they were married and living in Maryland." CNN claims DOJ civil rights leader says she was a victim of abuse in extraordinary statement. "Clarke acknowledged that she was arrested in her statement on Wednesday but said the arrest was expunged – meaning it was removed from her record and no longer exists – and that she wasn’t required to disclose it. WWhen given the option to speak about such traumatic incidents in my life, I have chosen not to,” Clarke wrote. “I didn’t believe during my confirmation process and I don’t believe now that I was obligated to share a fully expunged matter from my past.”" Mike Lee@BasedMikeLee, "Kristen Clarke is in charge of enforcing civil rights laws. She enforces those laws aggressively against anyone who sneezes near an abortion clinic. And not at all against those who vandalize churches. She lied under oath during her confirmation proceedings, and should resign." Capt. Ed comments "Looks like a straightforward case of felony under 18 USC 1001. That doesn't get prosecuted much when people lie to Congress, but prosecutions and convictions do happen -- just ask Michael Cohen."

From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.01.24 (afternoon edition), Kamala Harris Posting About “Trusting Women” Goes Hilariously WrongLeslie ن@LADowd "What is a woman? - Quote Vice President Kamala Harris "Trust women." Also, This Ain’t Hell: Soros and Hamas, also, Joe Biden’s proposed tax hike proposal is based on racial criteria and Transterrestrial Musings: Voting For Joe Biden.

Becky Noble at RedState laughs as Democrats are Beginning to Realize How Bad November Could Be for Them As Pro-Hamas Protests Not Going Away. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, You Know Immigration Is Killing Dems in the Polls When... "...A Democrat Congresscritter starts talking about returning to Trump-era immigration policies." Leading Report@LeadingReport "BREAKING: South Carolina legislators have passed a constitutional amendment prohibiting non-citizens from ever voting after Rep. Adam Morgan revealed that non-citizens were being given voter registration forms by various agencies." From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.01.24 (afternoon edition),  Justin Haskin at Da Fed, Poll: Election-Shifting Percentage Of Voters Admit To Illegal Voting In 2020 and Brianna Lyman, Court Stands By Decision Rejecting Undated Pennsylvania Mail Ballots, In Blow To Left-Wing Activists and Voter Registration Groups Slim Down Operations After Florida Upped Penalties For Breaking The Law

Althouse, "Young men are not as troubled by the chaotic and divisive style of Trump, while young women want people to be respected including themselves, want stability..." ""... and are very concerned about division and the potential for violence. Young women think Trump’s style is an embarrassment abroad, a poor role model for their children, and dangerous for the country. Younger men especially blue collar have a grudging respect for his strength and 'tell it like it is' attitude." Wrote the Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, quoted by Thomas B. Edsall, in "A Huge Gender Gap Is Emerging Among Young Voters" (NYT)." TownHall's Kurt Schlichter thinks Trump’s VP Pick Should Be Someone Who Has Never Admitted to Shooting a Puppy. Doesn't bother me. At the Con Brief, New Running Mate Contender Moving Up On Trump’s Shortlist, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum? Capt. Ed, "Yeah, well, maybe. Burgum's smart and he made a good-if-brief impression in the primaries, and Burgum would be a credible heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency choice, too. But otherwise, Burgum doesn't bring much to the table, and he's hardly someone who will thrill the MAGA crowd. He's not really someone that would electrify the traditional conservative base either."

Vicky Taft at PJM, The Judge Drops the Hammer on Trump for Breaking Gag Order, $9,000 for 9 times. If I were Trump, I'd lay down $90k in advance. Of course, now, this gives Trump the opportunity to appeal. Ace, Corrupt Judge Fines Trump $9,000 For Criticizing the Prosecution and Its Witnesses, Threatens Jail Time If Trump Exercises His Free Speech Rights as the Leading Candidate for the Presidency Again. Matt Margolis at PJM, Did Judge Merchan Make a Critical Error That Can Save Trump? " During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Turley suggested that New York Judge Juan Merchan made a mistake by allowing Bragg's prosecutorial team, which is being led by former Biden administration official Michael Colangelo, to say unequivocally that Trump was involved in federal election law violations. “I got to tell you, I think this judge may have already committed reversible error,” Turley told Fox News. “He could try to amend it, he could try to change it in his instructions, but that jury has now been told repeatedly that there are federal election crimes here, strongly suggesting that the payment to Stormy Daniels did violate federal election laws. That’s just not true.”" “Michael Cohen is literally going to tell that jury, ‘Please send my client to jail for following my legal advice,’” Turley continued. “All of the stuff that they are talking about, he set up, he structured this and told his client that ‘we could do this.’ It’s a bizarre moment.” Newsmax, Legal Experts: Jailing Trump Could Ignite 'Mass Protests', as it should. Travis Media Group@TM1Politics "JUST IN: Judge Juan Merchan just announced that Donald Trump may attend his son’s graduation ceremony on May 17th. The Judge had said at the beginning of the trial that he would decide at a later date. “I don’t think the May 17 date is not a problem, so Mr. Trump can attend that date, attend his son’s graduation," said Merchan. Do you think the democrats are realizing that keeping Trump from his son’s graduation will only increase his poll numbers, or do you think they’re actually being good people?" The former. Bill Otis at The Ringside, Crossing the Rubicon in destroying respect for law, "Alvin Bragg's sideshow of a prosecution is somewhere between a bad joke and a catastrophe, more likely the latter." Travis Media Group@TM1Politics "JUST IN: Attorney Michael Avenatti just announced that Michael Cohen may have “torpedoed” the entire case against Trump, saying the Judge may have to rule a mistrial or strike him as a witness. He’s the key witness and without him the case falls apart. Apparently Cohen has been going on ABC and other networks and admitting to violating court orders by reviewing testimony, and he’s also been bragging about “getting Trump” on social media. “Never underestimate this guys ability to screw something up due to his ignorance and his arrogance. He’s dumber than a box of rocks,” said Avenatti. Will the judge throw the entire case out?" No, but he should. Athena Thorne at PJM, Cherry-Pick-Palooza: Lefty Hysterics Erupt Over Trump Interview, a day ending in 'y'. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.01.24 (afternoon edition), Dana Loesch, Last Week In Legal – Pecker Testimony Edition.

Jason Cohen at Da Caller, Facebook Felt It Was Engaged In ‘Knife Fight’ With Biden White House Over COVID-19 Censorship, Docs Reveal

At Hat Hair Dave Strom has Shock News From UK: NHS Declares Sex a Biological Fact. "Riley Gaines hit the nail on the head: "It's astounding that we live in a time where this headline exists." and Tom Jackson, Guys in Gals' Spaces? Florida Isn't Having It  

Hat Hair's KT notes Gaga's Father Attacked at his Church: "I Can't Tell You What I Did to Him". But crime isn't a problem. 

There's just a whole lot on the unrest on college campuses, and I'm just going to dump it here below the line:

UCLA cancels classes after night of violence over pro-Palestinian encampment | KTLA
A Riot Broke Out at UCLA Last Night – HotAir
Columbia Threatens to Expel Students Occupying Building (Plus Maintenance Man Held Hostage) – HotAir
What a Dumb Idea – HotAir
Poisoning American Campuses the Old-Fashioned Way – HotAir
Iranian University Offers U.S. College Student Protesters Scholarships – HotAir
Now It's Fordham, and They Are Setting Up Tents INSIDE – HotAir
This Will Not End Well – HotAir
Protesters on Visas Still Need to Be Deported – HotAir
They Aren't Revolutionaries. They're Bigoted Brats. – HotAir
Colbert's Shameless Hypocrisy on Dissent – HotAir
History Repeats Itself as Communists Run Out of Food – HotAir
House Oversight Committee Will 'Follow the Money' Funding Radical Anti-Semitic Campus Actions – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Negotiating With Terrorists: Northwestern University Bribes Pro-Hamas, Pro-Terrorism Protesters With Full Ride Scholarships
Ace of Spades HQ Columbia Takes No Action Against Terrorists; Surprisingly, Terrorists Are Emboldened and Seize More Land
Ace of Spades HQ Mostly Peaceful Pogroms Break Out at Dem-Controlled UCLA
Ace of Spades HQ Goldman Sachs "Charitable Fund" Donated $12 Million to Radical Group That Organized and Encouraged Violent Pro-Hamas Takeovers
Ace of Spades HQ Fox News Reports on the Soros Network Paying Protesters at Palestinian Tent Cities; Rep. Comer Vows Congress Will "Follow the Money" and Expose the Dark Money Networks
This Is BANANAS! Pro-Hamas Protesters A-Peel to UCLA to Ban Assault Fruits and LOL – Twitchy
The Onion Hilariously Weighs in on the Campus Encampments – Twitchy
Columbia University anti-Israel protests: Live updates, photos from student encampment
The Babylon Bee on X: "UCLA Replaces Student IDs With New Fashionable Identifying Armbands" / X
Note by Reuben Salsa on Substack: "Anonymous group has built a giant screen with loudspeakers outside the UCLA protest showing footage from October 7 on a loop."
Here we go again - by Tom Knighton - Tilting At Windmills
WATCH: Tears Fall Like Rain As Police Retake Hamilton Hall and Take Down Pro-Hamas Fanatics – RedState
Althouse: At the top of The Washington Post website: "Police detain a demonstrator at University of Wisconsin-Madison."
Althouse: The false narrative.
FLASHBACK: This Isn’t The First Time A Minouche Shafik-Led University Allowed Anti-Semitic Mob To Take Over - The Daily Wire
Surprise, Surprise: Pro-Hamas Agitators on Campus Have a New 'Demand'

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: No Satisfaction up and running for your digital amusement.

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