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Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Losing Catholics

Some good news from Baltimore Harbor,  Key Bridge Unified Command prepares for removal of bridge piece on top of M/V DALI. Stand back while the deplorable boys with big toys go to work.

From WaEx, Paul Bedard think Trump in blowout territory, leads Biden by 10-12 points. Debra Saunders at Am Spec notices While Beltway Media Fawn, Biden’s Poll Numbers Freefall. "Corners of America that normally would vote Democrat have turned away." From Fox, Catholics' support swings for Trump over Biden by significant margin: poll "Hispanic Catholics saw the most drastic shift towards the GOP compared to a similar poll from Pew in 2020." That tends to happen when you sic the FBI on someone. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Interesting, and perhaps a very big red flag for Democrats. There really isn't a distinct Catholic vote in the US any longer; it's more a bellwether for the general electorate. And that would be very bad news for Biden if this turns out to be predictive." PJM's Stephen Kruiser asserts Biden's Handlers Finally Got Him Enough Adderall to Condemn Campus Brownshirts—Sort Of. Nick Arama at RedState sees Biden Almost Face-Plants Coming Off Helicopter, While Trump Lights It Up in New YorkJ Stewart@triffic_stuff_ "Another bad night for Joe" Quote  J Stewart@triffic_stuff_ "Joe Biden looks shocked and saddened as crowds chant F-Joe Biden during ceremony to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Secretary of State John Kerry." To hear Bonchie at RedState tell it, Joe Biden's Medal of Freedom Ceremony Goes South As His Brain Fries and He Slurs Uncontrollably. Ben Kew at RedState reports Mark Hamill Makes Cringey Appearance at White House Press Briefing, Lame Jokes Fall Flat "‘Can I call you Joe-B-Wan Kenobi?'” Ace is outraged (he does it so well), America is Back, Baby! Biden Insults Top US Asian Ally Japan to Show How Enlightened His Open-Border Policy Is. "(And the site is back, baby!) Remember, Biden considers his foreign policy "expertise" to be his greatest strength. The decrepit dolt Biden showed off his famously "earthy" racism again, attacking, out-of-the-blue, India and our closest Asian ally and friend, Japan. He attacked them in order to make his open border seem virtuous. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.03.24, at LI, Leslie Eastman reports White House Plans to Ease Restrictions on Marijuana "The shift in marijuana classification could also be a lifeline for California’s struggling pot industry." Also a desperate ploy for the stoner vote.

Jim Geraghty at NRO calls Biden-Harris a Profile in Cowardice on Campus Disorder. Ellie Gardey at Am Spec notices how Kamala Quiet is on Anti-Israel Protests "She has only expressed vague “concern” over them." Capt. Ed, "I'd guess that Harris may finally have learned a very old lesson: It is far better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Would that Harris not open her mouth more often. Or maybe she's just figuring out how to have a vision of what can be without being burdened by what has been." From the Jewish Insider, Mainstream Jewish groups pull out of Dept of Ed meeting over inclusion of far-left activists. "One of the invited groups is closely associated with IfNotNow, the far-left Jewish advocacy group that has allied itself with anti-Israel organizations." Capt. Ed, "Wow -- that's a pretty scummy bait-and-switch by Miguel Cardona and Neera Tanden. JVP has backed the pro-Hamas demonstrations and riots on campuses. Stay tuned for more on this ... " From the Free Bacon, Biden Judicial Nominee Honored by Anti-Israel Group Whose Board Member Cheers Hamas.

Steve Greenhut at Am Spec, GOP Fights Biden for Independent Contractors "The Biden administration continues with its union-backed plan to ban most types of freelancing — despite the dire evidence from California." I&I, Stagflation Stages A Comeback. Ace, Unexpectedly, the Jobs Report Comes In "Far Below Expectations" "America is back, baby!" It happens so often, you kind of expect it. Hat Hair's Dave Strom calls this video Unbelievable

At Ace's Biden Is Giving Obamcare to DACA Illegals "Of course they claimed this would never happen when they first imposed DACA." Hat Hair's KT has A Different Kind of Feel-Good Friday Story: Border Patrol Agent in WhipGate Hoax Awarded by DHS, but no apology. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.03.24, Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed has 10 Lies Democrats Tell About Our Elections (And How To Refute Them). Dan Oliver at Am Great, American Elections for American Citizens: Does Anybody Care? "Republicans everywhere should realize: this is a national, all-hands-on-deck emergency. The future of America may, and probably does, depend on limiting this election to Americans. " Hayden Ludwing at Am Con is Inside the Battle to Keep Only Citizens Voting "Fairness advocates are working in 15 states to preserve American citizens’ exclusive right to vote—and that’s just the start of this new effort that’s showing a path to victory." At Da Caller, Meet The ‘New George Soros’ Using Front Groups To Influence Elections. AZ Sun Times reports the Arizona Supreme Court Unanimously Reverses Sanctions Against AZGOP for Its Lawsuit Challenging Maricopa County’s Hand Count. "The state’s highest court said there is some merit to election lawsuits, even if a “long shot,” and ruling against them for questioning an “election’s legitimacy” would have a “chilling effect.”"

At PJM, Vicky Taft thinks It's Hard to Imagine a Worse Day for Stormy and the NYC Prosecutors in the Hush Trump Case and notes Well, Well, Well, Guess Whose Name Just Came Up in the Trump NYC Trial (Harvey Weinstein), and Matt Margolis asserts Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Just Destroyed Bragg’s Case Against Trump. Ace, Trump's Defense Finds a Lot of Helpful Testimony from a Surprising Source -- Stormy Daniel's Lawyer/Blackmail Agent, "Stormy Daniels' lawyer was quizzed as a witness in Trump's bulls*** trial." From Althouse, "Jesus Christ, can you [expletive] believe I’m not going to Washington, after everything I’ve done for that [expletive] guy? I’ve saved the guy’s ass so many times. That guy [Trump] is not even paying me the $130,000 back." "Said Michael Cohen, according to the witness Keith Davidson, the lawyer who represented Stormy Daniels, quoted in "The Tawdry Tabloid World in Which Trump Lived" (NYT)," and "Then, when Mr. Trump’s lawyer began his cross-examination, Ms. Hicks started to cry." "From "Hope Hicks Reluctantly Confronts the Man She ‘Totally Understands’ in Court/The dramatic appearance of Ms. Hicks, once one of Donald J. Trump’s closest aides, riveted the audience. During her testimony, she blinked back tears" (NYT)." NYPo, Hope Hicks breaks down on witness stand, defends Trump and Melania’s relationship. NewsMax, Trump: Judge Making Case 'Salacious as Possible' From TNP, WATCH: Manhattan DA Attorney REFUSES To Deny Breaking the Law While Investigating Trump.  “And did you knowingly break any laws when investigating President Trump?” Gaetz asked Pomerantz. The attorney formerly with the Manhattan D.A‘.s office responded, “Same response,” referring to an earlier invocation of his Fifth Amendment rights. At the start of the questioning, Pomerantz invoked his “Privilege against self-incrimination.” At Da Fed, MD Kittle warns The Left’s Phony ‘Fake Electors’ Crusade Ramps Up As 2024 Election Draws Closer. At WaEx, DOJ declined to charge nine officials over classified documents, Trump argues. "Former President Donald Trump asked a judge in Florida to dismiss charges against him related to classified documents on the grounds that the Department of Justice was unfairly targeting him, according to court documents made public on Thursday. Trump’s defense attorneys made the request in March in a previously sealed filing, claiming that special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution against him was “selective and vindictive.”" Leading Report@LeadingReport, "BREAKING: Newly unsealed documents in Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump reveal Smith’s top prosecutor, Jay Bratt, met with a top Biden aide in September 2021, before any classified documents were discovered at Mar-a-Lago, furthering speculation that Biden’s DOJ set up Trump."

Tim Graham at Front Page, Anti-Censorship Group Canceled by Pro-Hamas Authors "The neo-Nazi Left eats its own." Dave Strom is pretty sure Your Rights Are Being Trampled "There is zero ambiguity about this. Time and again, the companies' internal emails show that they were scared of the Biden administration, which openly discussed using regulation to force changes to how the companies worked." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.03.24, Twitchy, Google Removes Trump PAC Ad Targeting Black Men and it is Very Suspicious. Nicole Silvero at Da Caller, ‘Let’s Hope It’s True!’: Liberal Media Head Reportedly Urged Staff To Publish Barron Trump Story They Couldn’t Verify. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, House Republicans Seek NPR CEO Testimony About Liberal Bias Allegations. That would be amusing. Ace, Ukranian Troll Farm Employee Confesses: I Was Paid to Inject Pro-Ukraine Propaganda Into American Social Media. But For Some Reason, We Were Told to Propagandize for Joe Biden. "She suspects that this troll farm was funded by the CIA, which would mean the CIA was running yet another psyop targeting the citizens of the United Fucking States who pay these scumbags their salaries."

And, yet again, too much on Campus unrest, so it's going below the line:

Aaron Sibarium on X: "NEW: The student editors of the Columbia Law Review have issued a statement urging the law school to cancel exams in the wake of the police operation that cleared the university's encampment, saying the "violence" has left them "irrevocably shaken" and "unable to focus."🧵" / X

Patriots at University of Chicago break up the path of the pro-Palestine protesters and waive the American Flag.

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