Monday, March 20, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - DJT Arrest On Hold?

It would appear to be the case. I sort thought that Trump announcing a Tuesday arrest would avert it temporarily, if only to make him wrong, but it also appears the Grand Jury has at least one more witness. Fuzzy Slippers at LI, Trump Lawyer: About That Tuesday “Arrest” Date, Nevermind, “We’re all reading tea leaves because they refuse to communicate.” At PJ Media, Bob Spencer, Hold Everything: Now Trump Will Likely NOT Be Arrested, at Least on Tuesday and Matt Margolis, Surprise Trump Grand Jury Witness Revealed. "A source with knowledge of the “hush-money” investigation has confirmed to the New York Times that Rudy Giuliani lawyer Robert Costello, a former legal advisor to Michael Cohen, will be appearing before the grand jury on Monday with the sole intention of undermining Cohen’s credibility." Da Wire, Manhattan Grand Jury Investigation Into Trump Not Over As Another Witness Invited To Testify: Report

At Breitbart, Former U.S. Attorney Argues Trump Could Be Indicted for Same Thing Clinton Was Fined For, when she paid for the Steele Dossier. Matt Margolis again, Trump and Hillary Have Been Accused of the Same Crime, but Hillary Never Faced Potential Arrest. Breitbart cites Turley: Bragg Seems to Be Caving to Pressure to Bring Case DOJ, His Predecessor Wouldn’t, Unsuccessful Edwards Case Was ‘Much Stronger’. And at NYPo, Turely himself warns Bragg brings a criminal case back from dead, but may have reanimated Trump’s chances.  Nick Arama at Red State, Andrew McCarthy Lays Out What a Turkey the 'Nakedly Political' Case Is Against Trump. HE claims The vindictive prosecution of Donald Trump is based in Democrats' hatred of his supporters. At Da Caller, ‘Politically Charged’: Mike Pence Says He Is ‘Taken Aback’ By Potential Indictment Of Trump. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Pence: Arresting Trump would be "a politically charged prosecution"wretchardthecat@wretchardthecat, "The strategy of going back to the old days by destroying DJT is doomed to failure because **even if it succeeds** the factors which stoked the 2016 rebellion still obtain and even more so. Restoring the economy, cooling the ideology and limiting corruption are all that can work." Insty, ALSO THE ANTI-TRUMP CAMPAIGN HAS OPENED A LOT OF PEOPLE’S EYES TO THE GENERAL CORRUPTION OF OUR INSTITUTIONS. At Twitchy, Nancy Pelosi ranting about Trump in thread claiming NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW backfires SPECTACULARLY. Catturd ™@catturd2, "Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
“ No one is above the law.” Nancy Pelosi is worth 200 million dollars because of illegal insider trading- her husband is on video so drunk in a DUI stop that he couldn’t even let go of the cop car to do a field sobriety test without falling down - he got a slap on the wrist." At Am Think, JB Shurk thinks Government Tyrants Play with Fire and Andrea Widburg highlights Vivek Ramaswamy’s viral take on the threat to arrest Trump.  Vivek Ramaswamy@VivekGRamaswamy "This is about principle, not a person. This is about our country, not one man. The silence from the rest of the GOP field is deafening." No, it is absolutely about one man, Donald Trump.  Andrea Widburg At NYPo Miranda Devine warns A potential Trump indictment is a sideshow gift to the Biden family, a distraction from their scandals.  Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media warns Democrats' Daddy Issues With Trump Aren't Going to Work Out Well for Them. At Twitchy, LOL! Ron Filipkowski wants to see Trump’s package and the replies are HILARIOUS. Althouse notes A perfectly good question asked by Jen Psaki, who has a TV show and a written column at MSNBC. ""Could a Trump indictment actually help him politically?" The headline is good for attracting clicks. It got mine, and I know I'm exacerbating the unwholesome skewing of traffic by linking, but I want to complain that there isn't even an effort to answer the question asked."

Breitbart, Fury at Manhattan’s Bragg over Looming Trump Charges Dominates House GOP Retreat: ‘Stop Going After People Because You Have Political Differences.’ KT at Hat Hair, sees Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: This office will not be intimidated by Trump's call for protests and MTG says "don't fall for it", Marjorie Taylor Greene: Republicans should not protest potential Trump arrest. Victory Girls, Democrats Want Protests If Trump Is Arrested, Don’t Fall For It. Ace, Political Agitation is EXACTLY The Goal: It Is Training For What is Coming. Ben Bartee at PJ Media warns FBI Whistleblower Claims FBI Is Now a 'Weaponized Apparatchik' of the Biden Administration.

The Banking crisis continues, as the Peacock reports Midsize U.S. banks reportedly ask the FDIC to insure all deposits for two years. Why should farmers be treated differently than silicon valley millionaires? Breitbart, One Crisis Averted? UBS Agrees To Buy Credit Suisse for $3.2 Billion, onto the next! Zero Hedge, SVB’s London Bankers Received Up To $36 Million In Bonuses Days After BoE-Orchestrated Bailout. Oh, oh, take the money and run!  At Am Great Chris Roach thinks Bad Banks Should Fail Faster; "A bank’s mantra should be safety and resilience, rather than maximum efficiency and profits" while Sherilyn Kaufmann is Connecting Dots: COVID to SVB and Beyond, "The next logical step is for the government to insure all bank deposits, which is tantamount to nationalizing the entire banking system. But to what end,? and Larry Sand decries The College Debt Relief Swindle "As colleges go woke, dumb down curricula, and raise tuition fees, Pickpocket-in-Chief Joe Biden wants you to foot the bill." At Da Caller, DEROY MURDOCK: While Leftists Fight The Racist Ghosts Of Yesterday, America Falls To Pieces.

At Am Think Adam Vicari thinks Democrat Plans Looking Bad, So Biden Pivots Again "to gun control and the "pay gap."" NYPo notices even CNN anchor Erin Burnett says evidence of Chinese money to Bidens ‘doesn’t look good.’   Nick Arama again, Even CNN Admits Things Not Looking Good for Biden, Then Comer Drops More Damning Info. Breitbart sees that Whitmer Leaves Door Open for Future Presidential Run. Gag me with a spoon! From Da Wire, Senator Mark Kelly Does Not Get Behind Senator Kyrsten Sinema When Asked About Re-Election.

Scott Moorefield at Town Hall proclaims Donald Trump Has No Path To General Election Victory. That concerns me too, but do the alternatives? Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw notes in wonder that Trump's early primary lead being driven by Black and Hispanic conservatives. Althouse, "The fact that Trump is doing considerably better among Republican voters of color than White Republicans flies in the face of the fact that many Americans view Trump as racist...." "Writes Harry Enten, in "Voters of color are a big reason Trump leads the GOP primary" (CNN)." Sundance at CTH watches Sunday Talks, Mike Pence Says, “We’re not asserting executive privilege” for Testimony Related to 2020 Election Challenge. At Insty, Sarah Hoyt says THIS IDIOT THINKS HE HAS A CHANCE AT THE PRESIDENCY: Sunday Talks, Mike Pence Says, “We’re not asserting executive privilege” for Testimony Related to 2020 Election Challenge. "Why idiot? Well, because if the elections are clean, he doesn’t have a chance. And if the elections aren’t clean, (which of course he knows they’re not) and he thinks they’ll throw him a “friendly opposition” win? He’s nuts." At Am Con Sumantra Maitra worries about  Your Great-Grandfather’s Republicanism. "Ron DeSantis’s remarks on Ukraine were textbook realism and a throwback to an old Republican Party."

At Am Think Jay Valentine think he sees A Gigantic Egg All Over Brad Raffensperger's Face as they prove the ERIC approved voter rolls are full of potential dummy voters. Da Fed's Vicky Marshall is aghast that Minnesota Could Be Third State To Adopt Ranked-Choice Voting, Following Alaska And Maine.

Med Press presses the case that AI language models open a potential Pandora's box of medical research fraud. At the Business Standard, How non-profit OpenAI became $30 bn profit-making firm, questions Musk "Elon Musk has also paused OpenAI access to Twitter database" Musk had donated $100 million to OpenAI. He stepped down from OpenAI's board of directors in 2018 and no longer owns a stake in the company. "I'm still confused as to how a non-profit to which I donated $100 million somehow became a $30 billion market cap for-profit. If this is legal, why doesn't everyone do it?" he quipped."

Technofog highlights The CDC's Vaccine "Misinformation" List "The health agency kept tabs on those critical of COVID-19 vaccines." Margot Cleveland at Da Fed outs DOD Pays Media-Rating Scammers To Create Propaganda And Censorship Tech For U.S. Government.

Tax Prof has More Commentary On The Disruption Of A Federal Judge's Speech At Stanford Law School (Part 2). At Am Great, the great Victor Davis Hanson wonders What Happened to Stanford? "The list of serial embarrassments at Stanford reads like the suicides of Greek tragedy, where divine nemesis follows hubris." From the College Fix, University of Alabama drops investigation into pro-Kanye chalkings. Which they should, but it probably means it was a false flag hoax. At Da Caller, ‘Targeted And Unsafe’: Universities Across The Country Are Holding ‘Israel Apartheid Week’. Anti-semitism always seems to be descending on the right, but landing on the left. WUWT discovers A New Board Game to Induce Climate Guilt in School Children. Behind the Black sees  Pushback: Smithsonian ordered to no longer violate the First Amendment. I have known a few Smithsonian security people; they're not always the sharpest knives in the drawer. 

At Da Caller, ‘Close To Sinful’: Biden Floats Possibility Of Nation-Wide Transgender Law. KT at Hat Hair notes Libs of TikTok book event for kids canceled due to threats while NY AG James' drag story hour draws a crowd. Hollywood in Toto thinks this Hollywood Reporter (Purposely) Misses Point on Drag Queen Outrage, "Far-left site ignores reasons why conservatives suddenly slam drag art form." At Red State, San Jose Sharks Goalie James Reimer Declines Wearing Pride Night Jersey; Usual Couches Fainted Upon. From Twitchy, SEXISM in sports writer melts down into shrieking pool of DUMB over James Reimer’s LGBTQ jersey statement. You will be forced to express approval. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, YGTBKM: Florida looks to ban discussion of menstrual cycles in school. Yeah I had to look it up. 

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  1. PRESIDENT TRUMP and his Attorneys should just go to Alvin's Office and sit down! Turn the tables and don't let them have their "perp walk" crap! Isn't it odd that the media will obscure the faces of people pushing old ladies in front of trains but go orgasmic in anticipation of showing the Political PERSECUTION of a PRESIDENT who did MORE for AMERICANS than the traitors before and after him?