Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - More DIY

Sorry to have to do this, but I have an eye exam to get to.

Jan 6 Video Release

J6 Videos Shatter ‘Insurrection’ Narrative : The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 03.07.23 : The Other McCain
Ace of Spades HQ Tucker Carlson Offers First Report on January 6th Videos
Tucker Carlson Releases Shocking January 6 Footage, Cheney and Kinzinger Hardest Hit
Tucker Carlson, with video provided by Speaker McCarthy, falsely depicts Jan. 6 riot as a peaceful gathering
Jan. 6 Footage: Capitol Police Escorting a Calm ‘QAnon Shaman’ to Senate Floor
Bongino - New January 6 Footage Shows Media and Democrats Once Again Lied About Everything
Tucker just blew a large hole in Dems' "deadly insurrection" narrative – HotAir
Tour de Farce? New J6 videos raise serious questions, at least in one case (update) – HotAir
Chuck Schumer has Big Mad about Tucker and the tapes – HotAir
Sen. Chuck Schumer agrees to go on Tucker Carlson’s show IF… (LOL) –
BREAKING: Mitch McConnell calls it a 'mistake' for Tucker Carlson to air J6 footage - the
White House Doubles Down After Full Context of J6 Videos Revealed
McCarthy defends release of Jan. 6 footage to Tucker Carlson - Washington Examiner
Richard Grenell WHOOPS Adam Kinzinger in back and forth over #J6footage and he’s dead Jim, DEAD –
Panic in D.C.: Garland Tells Whopper of a Lie, Proving Why Tucker's J6 Coverage Was So Important – RedState
DOJ says at least 1,000 Trump supporters arrested for Jan. 6 Capitol riot
‘Totally Innocent’: Trump Praises Tucker Carlson for Challenging Insurrection Narrative With Jan. 6 Footage
Elon Musk calls out J6 committee for withholding evidence 'for partisan political reasons' after Tucker Carlson revelations -

Atlanta Antifa Riot

News From Down Home: Another Antifa Riot, More Out-of-Towners Arrested : The Other McCain
MTG demands Congress declare Antifa 'domestic terrorists' after firebomb attack of Atlanta police training center -
SPLC lawyer charged in Atlanta 'Cop City' attack - Just The News
Instapundit - OLD AND BUSTED: The Southern Poverty Law Center exists to fight radical extremism and domestic terro

Other Insurrectiony Stuff

Insanity Wrap: 'Lynching the Deplorables' – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ NYC Mayor Eric Adams: Say, Maybe Stores Should Require People to Take Off Their Masks Before Enterring. Criminals Seem to Be Using the Masks for Criminal Purposes.
Pro-Life Org Says Biden's FBI Spying on Group Meetings
Report: DHS Maintains Secret Domestic Intelligence Program
Whistleblower: FBI Targeted Innocent Gun Owners Via Bank Of America Records
Buzz: Millions spent, little gained, in Durham investigation, Census wants slavery category - Washington Examiner

Electoral Politics, As Usual

Russian Billionaires Did Business with Hunter Biden, Dined with Joe, Dodged Sanctions - Frontpage Mag
Prominent Democrat Think Tank Sounds Alarm About One Thing That Could Assure 2024 Trump Win – RedState
The Democrats botched the Ohio disaster response – and handed Trump a victory - The Guardian
DeSantis Press Secretary brings the receipts – HotAir
Trump eyeing Kari Lake as possible '24 running mate: report
DeSantis: I totally reject the blogger registration bill and had nothing to do with it – HotAir
GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants to fire 'at least half the federal workforce' | Just The News
Fetterman's office says he'll 'be back soon' as hospital stay continues | Fox News
Ben Savage announces run for Congress - TheBlaze
Why Are Asian Americans Voting Republican in Large Numbers? – PJ Media
Of Course Big Left Rigs U.S. Elections – PJ Media
Over 55,000 Felons Will Have Voting Rights Restored Before Probation Ends in Minnesota
In Florida county, felons vote illegally, ballots cast on behalf of long-dead, whistleblower claims - Just The News
Three More Republican States Announce Their Exit from a Key Voting Data Partnership - The Star News Network
Campus Reform - ANALYSIS: Wokeness has peaked, but it's not going anywhere, experts argue
Chelsea Clinton’s Picture Book Series Pushes Gender-Bending On Kids With Latest Celebration Of Trans Biden Official - The Daily Caller
Texas A&M’s DEI: Ditching or Faking? - Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog

Covidiocy, Social Media and Censorship.

Collapse of the COVID Truth Regime - Tablet Magazine
MSNBC analyst whitewashes COVID 'conspiracy theory' lab leak stance: 'Always' took it seriously | Fox News
Project Fear: COVID hysteria was engineered – HotAir
Russell Brand Savaged MSNBC Analyst John Heilemann - National Review
Elon Musk Hints He Could Slap CNN With Special Warning Label Over Network’s Pandemic Coverage - The Daily Wire
Elon Musk Warns Joe Biden: “This is a serious attack on the Constitution by a federal agency, a shameful case of weaponization of a government agency for political purposes and suppression of the truth” - Slay News
ChatGPT broke the EU plan to regulate AI – POLITICO
Ace of Spades HQ Lead Censor of Roald Dahl Books? A "non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist who is on the autism spectrum"
AG pushes state level 'Ministry of Truth' critics say could jail conservatives who express mainstream views - TheBlaze
Project Fear: never admit you were wrong – HotAir
Bipartisan Legislation Targets TikTok, Other Tech Companies Owned by ‘Adversarial Nations’
Nearly Every State AG Joins Legal Battle To Force TikTok To Hand Over Internal Docs, Messages | The Daily Caller

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