Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Is Today the Day?

Well, here it is Tuesday, the day Donald Trump predicted that NYPD jack booted thugs would come and arrest him for the high crime (or is it a misdemeanor?) of paying hush money to a porn star in election season. We're pretty sure it won't actually take place today, and if and when it does, it will be pretty low key but, as Bob Spencer at PJ Media reports It’s On: NYPD and Capitol Police Putting Up Barricades, Expecting Riots When Trump Is Arrested, praying for another J6 like event. Where's Ray Epps when you really need him? Vicky Taft also at PJ Media wonders Is NYC District Attorney Prepping the Jeffrey Epstein Suite at Rikers for Re-Elect Trump HQ? George Parry at Am Spec on Arresting Trump "Trump’s real crime is that he challenged and undermined the established political order." At Hat Hair John Sexton asks the question on everyone's mind Will arresting Trump help him or hurt him? Brandon Morse at Red State notes Chris Rock Gives Democrats a Warning About Trump's Arrest They Should Listen To. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Chris Rock Asks Democrats, ‘Are You Stupid?’ for Wanting to Arrest Trump. No, blind with hatred. Dave Catron at Am Spec warns Indicting Trump Could Get Him Reelected, "If an NYC prosecutor cuffs and perp-walks the former president on TV, the latter will win in 2024." Even Morning Joe 'The Weakest Case:' Morning Joe Sweats Outcome of Possible New York Trump Indictment (NewsBusters). Roger Kimball at Am Great calls Donald Trump a Regime Foe, "We don’t acknowledge that we promulgate bills of attainder in this country, but that is essentially the judgment that has been pronounced against the former president." Breitbart, Trump Critics Slam Looming Indictment as ‘Nonsense,’ ‘Partisan,’ Say It Will Help Him in 2024At Da Fed Eddie Scarry calls Arresting Trump: An End-Of-America Watch Party. No Pasaran, "It's Only Sex!" Isn't the Looming Trump Indictment Reminiscent of Bill Clinton's Monicagate Scandal? Don Brown at Am Think thinks of it as Alvin Bragg's End Run Around the Constitution. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed says that If Democrats Really Cared About Campaign Finance Laws, Hillary Clinton And Obama Would Have Felt Their Wrath Years Ago. Michael Walsh at the Pipeline, The Leaving of It

Althouse, "Trump Calls for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to Be Criminally Charged for 'Interference in a Presidential Election.'" "Mediaite reports." At ET, Trump Accuses Manhattan DA of ‘Prosecutorial Misconduct,’ Calls for Investigation. Fox, House Judiciary Committee demands Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg testify about possible Trump indictment. "Jordan said the facts have not changed since 2018 and Trump's 2024 presidential campaign is the 'only intervening factor'" The Free Bacon reports ‘Top Priority’: House GOP Leadership Puts Alvin Bragg in Crosshairs. Turnabout is fair play. 

Da Caller reports DeSantis Breaks Silence On Potential Trump Indictment Twitchy, Like a boss: Ron DeSantis’ much-anticipated remarks on possible Trump indictment are *chef’s kiss*  John Sexton, Gov. DeSantis on Trump: 'I don't know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star' (Update). At Da Caller, Brianna Lyman thinks DeSantis Tanked 2024 In 22 Words.  In regard to Ron DeSantis, Andy McCarthy at NRO (cited at Hat Hair) says Don't take Trump's Stormy bait. At Front Page, Wayne Allan Root believes Uniting Trump and DeSantis is Our Only Chance to Save America, Because if we lose in 2024 . . .

Ace, The Democrats Want a Civil War and They Might Wind Up Getting One "In case you missed it earlier in JJ's Morning Briefing, Soros-owned-and-operated DA Alvin Bragg is putting his planned arrest on Trump on hold to hear from one more witness." Andy McCarthy at NRO (cited at Hat Hair) says Don't take Trump's Stormy bait. Julio Rojas at Town Hall hears John Kennedy Has Advice for Trump Supporters Upset With Possible Indictment "Well, in America, you’re — you’re free to protest. You’re not really free if you can’t express yourself. But do it peacefully. Don’t — don’t — don’t be a knucklehead and — and — and riot. Do it peacefully," At The Conservative Brief, Billy Baldwin Mocks Death Of Ashli Babbitt After Trump Calls For Protests "Any uprising by the Gravy Seals will be over in 2 Ashli Babbitt’s or better known as… a half a Scaramucci. Fuck around… — Billy Baldwin (@BillyBaldwin) March 18, 2023"

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great,  foresees The Death of Dissent "If anyone thinks conditions will improve soon, just wait until this same Justice Department indicts Trump for “inciting” the events of January 6." Far too kind at Politico, Fear, burnout and insubordination: Insiders spill details about life at the highest levels of FBI "A discrimination case has pulled back the curtain on the tense atmosphere at the bureau’s legal office."

Da Caller reports Janet Yellen Says More Bank Bailouts Could Be On The Horizon. Ben Bartee at PJ Media wants you to WATCH as CBS News Actress REALLY Doesn't Want to Talk About Bank Malfeasance. Meh. Chris Jacobs at Da Fed cites a New Documentary  that Traces The Fed’s Same Old Recklessness From 2008 To The SVB Bailout. It's easier to be wrong than right. CJ wants to Investigate the Bank Failures. "A presidential commission can determine where the banks, the auditors, and the Federal Reserve erred."Chris Chantrill at Am Think wonders What Does it Mean that Our Rulers Didn't Learn from 2008? History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. Chris Jacobs at Da Fed details How Biden’s Social Security Demagoguery Is Stoking Inflation

From Da Caller, GROVER NORQUIST: Biden’s Tax Plan Will ‘Trickle Down’ And Pummel The Middle Class as intended. At Breitbart, Joe Biden Issues First Veto to Reject Bill Reversing ESG Rule and Joe Manchin Slams Biden for Prioritizing ‘Radical Policy Agenda’ After Vetoing Anti-ESG Bill. At CNS News, Politically-Neutral Companies Outperform Both ESG-Driven Firms and Overall Market, Study Reveals. Da Blaze reports Biden's 'fair share' tax tweet instantly challenged; Elon Musk weighs in with enlightening fact-check. Da Wire, DeSantis Unveils Plan To Battle Biden’s ‘Efforts To Inject A Centralized Bank Digital Currency.’ At the Free Bacon, Here Are Seven Woke Spending Proposals in Biden's Budget "Biden's $6.9 trillion budget spends tens of billions of dollars on welfare and social programs for minority groups."

Ace, watches the  Media Declares Another Code-Red on DeSantis "David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense @davereaboi "Ron DeSantis has a Florida Problem" because... he's too popular here." 'Bonchie' at Red State is pissed Trump Keeps His Eye on the Ball, Rants About Ron DeSantis by Insinuating He's Gay. Fuzzy Slippers at LI observes DeSantis Forms Alliance Of 19 Governors To Combat Biden’s Economy-Crushing ESG Obsession “We as freedom loving states can work together and leverage our state pension funds to force change.”

Ace, CNN's Vile Propagandist Manu Raju Spins for John Fetterman, Claiming His Health Is Just Terrific. "Weird flex for someone who checked himself into a hospital for depression, after just getting out of the hospital for dizziness, but you do you, Manu." KT at Hat Hair hears Democrats are worried Stacey Abrams is going to run for office again.  Paul Gottfried at Am Great sees A Feared Repeat "Given all the other obstacles that Republicans face, it is unrealistic to think they can win the presidency unless they relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred election arrangements." Vicky Marshall at Da Fed is heartened that Ohio, Iowa Withdraw From Democrat Operative-Controlled Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group ERIC which doesn't clean the voter rolls, and mandates voter outreach in Democrat controlled areas.

Margot Cleveland at Da Fed warns Time Is Running Out To Speak Freely About Free Speech In America but Da Caller reports a Federal Judge Delivers Major Setback To Biden Admin In Pivotal Censorship Case "United States District Judge Terry A. Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana denied the Biden administration’s motion to dismiss a suit brought on May 5 by Republican Attorneys General Erik Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana. Schmitt and Landry said the Biden administration colluded with social media companies to censor debate on multiple issues, including the 2020 presidential election and the COVID-19 pandemic." Like snakes when the weather warms, Ben Bartee sees 'Disinformation Czar' Nina Jankowicz Emerge From Hiding to Celebrate Herself on Cable News and whine about her treatment at the hands of conservatives.

Bob Shibley at InstyA PROF PUNCHES BACK (LEGALLY) AT U. OF CENTRAL FLORIDA. “In the name of a crusade ‘to be actively anti-racist,’ as [President] Alexander Cartwright announced on June 2, 2020, the University of Central Florida (UCF) harassed and retaliated against Professor Charles Negy because he dared to publicly express viewpoints out of step with the prevailing campus orthodoxy on anti-racism…” They ruined Negy’s life–he had to sell his house and move back in with his mother to take care of his disabled brother. These people are actively anti-human. Their claims of compassion are lies. At the Free Bacon, WFB Reporter Explains Why Woke Stanford Law Students Who Tried to Censor Him Are Hypocrites "Last week, Lily Bou claimed in a message to the Free Beacon that Sibarium had no right to quote her and other board members of Stanford's chapter of the National Lawyers Guild—which helped organize the protest against Duncan—praising the protesters' conduct as "Stanford Law School at its best." Mary Cate Hickman insisted the Free Beacon "anonymize" footage of a follow-up student protest of Stanford Law School dean Jenny Martinez over her apology to Duncan." PJ Media's J Christian Adams Yale Law School—EXPOSED. Behind the Black  questions Pushback? University of North Carolina pretends to ban ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ requirements in hiring. Mary Chastain at LI finds a Minnesota Anti-Capitalist Teacher who Loves it When Students ‘Have No Respect for Authority.’ At Front Page, Who Needs to Major in English or History or Philosophy? When all things digital are available? Jeff Charles at Red Statetattles on a California School District Exposed for Secretly Transitioning Students Without Parents Knowledge or Consent. Probably not the only one.

A decent segue to Ace, Teenager Sues Doctors and Health Care Company For Cutting Her Healthy Breasts Off, Telling Her Parents That They Had to Choose Between "A Dead Daughter or a Live Son." "Sue them, sue them, sue them into poverty." Joe Klein at Front Page, Florida Protects Minors from Gender Reassignment Medical Procedures And the Left descends into TOTAL MELTDOWN.  From Da Caller, Here Are The 14 States Moving To Prohibit Sexually Explicit Drag Shows For Minors.  At Twitchy, Dr. Phil devastates father by bringing out his transgender ‘daughter’. Hat Hair's Dave Strom notes Minnesota's "woman of the year" is a man. Men are even better a being women than women are. Evie reports The Term 'Cisgender' Was Coined By Pedophile Sympathizer Volkmar Sigusch Who Said "Good Sex Can Be Anything". At Twitchy, Trans woman has brilliant take on prevalence of trans kids in affluent white prog communitiesSara Higdon@SaraHigdon_ Replying to @kimKBaltimore "Well because the typical demographic is upper middle class white kids of progressive parents. for two reasons. They have time and money to worry about such things, and have been conditioned to believe through Critical Theory that they are an oppressor and there is no way they can ever escape that status, so they see this as a way to join an oppressed class for which they are celebrated for instead of condemned. It’s the relationship between CRT and Queer theory." At CJ, they are Understanding the Sex Binary "Accurate, nonpoliticized descriptions of biology are essential to crafting policy to preserve the integrity of female-only spaces." On the Summitt, Ugandan President Blasts Western Countries For Promoting LGBT in Africa, “Western countries should stop wasting their time.” That's fair. 

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