Thursday, March 9, 2023

When Cougars Attack!

Lock up your college boys. At NYPo, I’m a proud cougar at 52 – women hate me but I won’t stop hunting college hunks

A Florida cougar is on the prowl for her next boy toy — even if it means stepping foot on a college campus.

Patsy Mennuti, who goes by @hellacougar on TikTok, shared a video taken at a college frat party, a clip that has received more than 22,000 views since it surfaced in December.

The 52-year-old isn’t embarrassed when it comes to dating outside her age group. She prefers dating men in their 20s “casually and recreationally for sex.”

Mennuti’s 24-second clip shows snippets from throughout the day at one of the many fraternity parties she apparently has attended. 
She is seen posing with college students in swimsuits. Mennuti told the Post she didn’t engage in any of the smoking or vaping that was going on, but she did play “DD” — designated driver — for some partygoers.

She claims that Tinder has banned her four times 

“Guys think I’m fake online when they see my profile,” she says in another TikTok video. “I think that’s because maybe they recognize me from social media and they are, like, ‘No way is she gonna be on Tinder.’ But, absolutely, I’m on Tinder.”

Mennuti expounds about her dating life, coaching fellow cougars and breaking down what she sees as misconceptions about age gaps.


Many viewers, from older women to young men, comment on her videos, asking for tips on how to find a potential mate.
. . .
Mennuti also revealed the No. 1 question she gets from her young suitors: “What do older women want in bed?”

“Giving a s – – t about her pleasure!” the experienced woman in the sheets replies.

So, who's using who? 

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