Monday, March 6, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - DIY While I Fish

Some stuff to peruse while I fish:

Politics, as usual

Democrats Lose It on Biden After He Flip-Flops on DC Crime Bill: 'F***ING AMATEUR HOUR'
Poll: Most Believe Joe Biden Will Be 'Too Old' in Second Term
Jill Biden: Competency tests for old politicians are ‘ridiculous’ – HotAir
RFK Jr. says 'thinking about' challenging Biden in 2024 Democrat presidential primary - Just The News
Marianne Williamson Announces 2024 Run for President – RedState
Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Vows To Fight ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ Gets Mocked - The Daily Wire
The Hill says transportation is a nightmare for Buttigieg but it is the other way around. –
Sunday Talks, Joe Manchin Wants Energy Permitting Reform He Was Promised in Order to Support Debt Ceiling and Budget - The Last Refuge
House Dems strategize how to achieve a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries - POLITICO
President Trump Crushes Ron DeSantis in Head-to-Head Poll, 67% -vs- 20% With Hispanic Voters - The Last Refuge
Larry Hogan Disappoints Dozens, Deciding Not to Run for President in 2024 - The Last Refuge
Hogan: To save the party and the country, I ... won't run for president – HotAir
Tucker Takes Down the Dems, Schiff Performs a Spectacular Self-Own in Response – RedState

Jan 6 and FBI related Crimes

FBI Agents in Catholic Churches - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
357 Magnum: The FBI Has Always Been Spying on Americans
New Bill Seeks to Curtail Banks’ Role as Agents of Federal Surveillance
Washington Post, Rolling Stone issue corrections about FBI Jan. 6 whistleblower Stephen Friend | Just The News
Brit Hume TORCHES Merrick Garland for refusing to take responsibility for DOJ’s failures as only HE can –

Wuhan Flu, Social Media and Censorship

Fauci 'Prompted' Scientists To Fabricate 'Proximal Origins' Paper Ruling Out Lab-Leak: House GOP - ZeroHedge
Credibility crisis: '60 Minutes' tries turning back the clock after declaring COVID lab leak theory 'debunked' - Fox News
Instapundit - THREE YEARS AGO I WOULDN’T HAVE DISTRUSTED THIS AT ALL: Measles exposure at massive religious event
Denial in the post-COVID era – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
“When Do We Deploy the New Variant?” - Power Line
The Lockdown Files: 10 things we’ve learned so far
Looking around: UK Lockdown Files; Netanyahu wanted to backtrack on judicial “reform”; bye, Felicia Lightfoot; a devout wish - Spin, strangeness, and charm
Tweetering on the brink? Twitter ad revenues fell 40% in December, but ... – HotAir

The Culture War

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