Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Got Dem Old Bank Run Blues

Back on the bank story, Ace, Here We Go Again? Major (Super-Woke) Tech Bank Fails.So what happened? It's generally agreed that banks in general are caught in a bit of squeeze at the Fed raises interest rates to try and wring inflation out of the economy, but not all banks are failing (so far). So what happened? Like airplanes crashing, and ships sinking, it's usually a series of defects and errors that leads to the catastrophe, so there's room for a lot of finger pointing. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.13.23, Don Surber: Go Woke, Go Broke, Have The Fed Bail You Out, EBL, Biden Bank Runs: Biden Isn’t Jimmy Stewart and Yellen Isn’t Donna Reed, Banks Go Bust, but Barney is there for  Biden, American Greatness, Joe Biden – Thanks to My Administration ‘the Banking System is Safe’, and So Much for Transparency, BattleSwarm: SVB – “An Extinction Event For Startups”, also, Why Silvergate Failed, Power Line: Biden administration’s profligate spending claims another victim, more will follow, A Wake-Up for Woke Banks?, Watts Up With That, Was the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Caused by Climate Activism? and Weasel Zippers: Biden Blames Bank Failure On Trump. At Da Caller, Biden Tries To Pin Bank Collapse On Trump. At Fox, GOP presidential candidates react to Silicon Valley Bank collapse; Trump blames ‘out-of-control Democrats' "Nikki Haley says, 'The era of big government and corporate bailouts must end'"  At Da Wire, Failed SVB Criticized For Hyper-Focus On Woke DEI Initiatives, LGBT Activism. Sey Anything calls it The predictable economic fallout of lockdown policy. NYPo, Barney Frank under fire over role on board of doomed Signature Bank, the Queen of banking disasters. At Twitchy, Paul Sperry reports DEVELOPING story on startling connection between Janet Yellen and #SVBCollapse.

Ace again, Biden Bails Out Silicon Valley Bank's and Signature Bank's Depositors, But Says It's Not a Bailout "He won't bail out the investors. But by guaranteeing the deposits, he keeps the bank afloat, which does in fact bail out the investors." Sundance at CTH features s video as Charles Payne Hits the Nail on the Head – The Biden Action is a Bailout for Silicon Valley and Kevin O’Leary Stuns CNN Panel Telling Them “Biden Just Nationalized U.S. Banking System”….  At NotTheBee, Explainer: Here's how the government plans to stop more banks from crumbling and turning this thing into a full-blown banking crisis 

Even if it does work, however, everything that's happened since Friday changes the whole game. Remember Fed Chief Powell's aggressive rate-hiking campaign we've been living through since Covid hit (and that kicked off his banking meltdown)? Yeah, that's likely right out the discount window. We've pivoted in one weekend from aggressive rate hikes – and Powell had been saying there were more to come! – to likely widespread liquidity injections. Maybe even rate cuts. In the midst of sky-high inflation. Hoo boy.

It's a whole new ball game, boys, and I, Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, will be your skipper all the way through it.

Public Substack, Senator Mark Kelly Called For Social Media Censorship To Prevent Bank Runs "Democrats are demanding ever-more censorship in a widening social media panic." Dave Strom at Hat Hair, What the heck happened to Forbes?  "I like to get broad strokes, and I often have read articles in Forbes, as have many of you. Forbes’ batting average every since a Chinese firm bought a majority interest in the enterprise has been particularly awful, hyping firms which turn out to be frauds." At Breitbart, Elon Musk Claims He Is ‘Open to the Idea’ of Buying Silicon Valley Bank. 40 billion here, 40 billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money.

VodkaPundit at PJ Media, The Biden Economy Is Falling Apart, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid sees Dems Soil Their Undies As House GOP Subpoenas Banking Records Of Hunter And Friends. At Zero Hedge, "It's As Bad As We Thought": CCP Money Flowed To Biden Family According Bank Records, Documents Obtained By House GOP. Matt Palumbo at Bongino, House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Bank Records of Hunter Biden Associates. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Some Walls Might Be Closing in on the Biden Crime Family

Spencer Brown at Town Hall, Jen Psaki Makes Embarrassing Admission About President Biden's Schedule "It's important to note, President Biden does nothing at 9:00 AM." Vodka Pundit at Insty, MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT [VIP]: Former White House Press Sec Jen Psaki: ‘Biden Does Nothing at 9 AM.’ “If Biden getting ready for the cameras by 9 a.m. shows how vital the banking crisis is, it’s fair to ask how vital the president is.” Dan Greenfield at Front Page asks Who’s Running America? "Two of the three branches of government are in the hands of the mentally incapable." At Red State 'Bonchie' thinks The Democrat Civil War Over Kamala Harris Is Getting Juicy. She's the epitome of the Affirmative Action hire. Just to prove he can occasionally make the right call, Biden Administration Approves Willow Oil-Drilling Project in Alaskan Arctic (WSJ). But then, from Mary Chastain at LI, Manufacturers, Customers Lash Out at Biden’s ‘Climate Friendly’ Washing Machine Regulations. “When you’re squeezing all you can out of the efficiency in terms of electricity use and water … you by definition either make the appliance worse or slower.”

Dave Strom at Hat Hair thinks Trump's attacks on DeSantis are Pathetic. Really pathetic. Megan Fox at PJ Media, Nikki Fried Accidentally Admits There's Porn in Schools to Own Ron DeSantis. At Twitchy, Matt Walsh OWNS David French in heated back and forth about protecting CHILDREN from (trans) mutilationMatt Walsh@MattWalshBlog "Hi @DavidAFrench. Can you please explain which part of the constitution guarantees adults the right to chemically castrate and sterilize children? Please be specific. Quote Tweet David French @DavidAFrench "Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis are mirror image versions of each other, fighting the culture war by attacking the constitutional rights of dissenters: https://nytimes.com/2023/03/12/opi"" Ben Bartee at PJ Media cites UNREAL HuffPost Personal Propaganda: The Harrowing Tale of a Six-Year-Old's Gender Transition.

At Liberty Unyielding notes American IQs are falling as education system fails to teach skills or stimulate minds, but they get their pronouns correct!  WJ wants you to Watch: Federal Judge Furious After Woke Mob Derails Stanford Speech, Wants Dean Fired for What She Did Next. Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy reports Stanford President and Stanford Law School Dean Apologize to Judge Kyle Duncan "In addition, staff members who should have enforced university policies failed to do so, and instead intervened in inappropriate ways that are not aligned with the university's commitment to free speech." But Dave Strom finds Even more Stanford absurdity:

Stanford, you see, pretends they want to ensure that everybody has the proper feels regarding the shameful events, so they will provide counseling to the students traumatized by what happened. Guess who the Federalist Society students should seek counseling from?
Believe it or not, one of acting associate dean of students Jeanne Merino’s suggestions is to “reach out” to DEI dean Tirien Steinbach—yes, the leading culprit in this whole matter—“if you would like support or would like to process last week’s events:
You read that right. One of the ringleaders of the whole disgusting affair is happy to counsel the very students upon whose rights she, personally, stepped on. You can’t make this up.

Stanford also warned students not to discuss the events because the school was having a bad time of it on social media, and the reputation of the school was taking it on the chin.

ET, US Intel Agencies Need to Focus Intensely on ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,’ Intelligence Chief Says. Don't you misgender our spies!

John Sexton at Hat Hair, Nate Cohn explains Why Fox News' Arizona call was wrong even though it turned out to be correct "Ultimately, Biden won Arizona by a little over 10,000 votes which worked out to 0.3% of the total. As Cohn puts it, the state was essentially a coin toss and the claim that Biden had an insurmountable lead when Fox News made the call was clearly wrong. Put another way, if Fox had known the race was going to wind up being so close, they would not have called it when they did." Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.13.23, Vicky Marshall at Da Fed, Media Slander GOP States As ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ For Rejecting Voter Database That Compels Pro-Democrat Outreach.

Ace, Mike Pence: Tucker Carlson Is Lying With His J6 Video; "History Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable" for His Election Denial. At Breitbart, McCaul: McCarthy Will Turn Over January 6 Footage to All Media. Althouse whines about the use of the word tapes in "We will slowly roll out to every individual news agency. They can come see the tapes as well. Let everyone see them to bring their own judgment." "Said Kevin McCarthy, quoted in "McCarthy: January 6 tapes to be ‘slowly’ rolled out to networks besides Fox News/Republican House speaker has only let Fox News see the tapes so far, giving access to the primetime host Tucker Carlson" (The Guardian)." which is much like the media saying Trump lies when he said his office was being phone-tapped; the true action was much more intrusive, but less easily described. Sundance at CTH, Speaker McCarthy Says He Will “Slowly Roll Out” J6 Video to “Every Individual News Agency”… Most of them don't want it, and will only use it to cherry pick to contradict Tucker. That's OK, but let's just be clear about it. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.13.23, The Geller Reports a Top Democrat On J6 Committee Admits They Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video. At the Babylon Bee, Tucker Carlson Obtains 40,000 Unseen Hours Of Biden Falling Down Air Force One Stairs.

Bob Spencer at PJ Media finds Of Course: Nancy Pelosi Is Still Pushing the Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’ Hoax. Andy West at Da Lid, House GOP to Make Major Visit to J6 Defendants, and "Democrats Are Freaking Out."

“We’re going to be addressing the human rights abuse, such as the fact that they’ve been held in solitary confinement up to 23 hours a day, denied the ability to see their families,” Greene said, also alleging “non-working toilets” and issues receiving medical treatment.

At Twitchy, Matt Taibbi calls down the THUNDER on Aaron Rupar for deliberately misquoting him and DAAAMN sonMatt Taibbi@mtaibbi "If you’re going to excise text from a quote, it’s standard to at least put an ellipsis in there to let readers know something’s been cut. You couldn’t even do that?" Matt Taibii, at Ratchet, In FBI Case, the First Amendment Takes Another Bizarre Hit "The same Democratic minority staff that trashed the First Amendment in last week's Twitter Files hearings put something amazing in writing in a parallel case." At the Conservative Brief, Eric Swalwell Speaks About Banning Fox News On Military Bases

Ace, CBS News: The US Was Double-Billed for Projects in Wuhan, Fauci: You Know, Sometimes Labs Leak Naturally-Evolved Viruses Fox, Dr. Fauci claims a coronavirus lab leak could still be considered a 'natural occurrence' "'If that's the definition of lab leak, then that's still a natural occurrence,' Fauci said" Leslie Eastman at LI, Straining Credulity, Dr. Fauci Asserts Covid Lab Leak Could Still be Considered a ‘Natural Occurrence’ "Fauci rewrites both science and history as real facts about covid’s origins are closer to being made public." At Da Wire, Top Lawmaker On Intel Committee: It’s ‘Incredibly Frustrating’ To Watch Fauci Say Things That Are ‘Not Reflected’ In Intel

“The evidence totally shows it, that there is funds over which he has control that ended up at the Wuhan lab,” he concluded. “So, at this time, you’ve got a guy who’s going on national television, I believe, and I think members of Congress believe, saying things that are not reflected in the intelligence. So, our view is, show the American public the intelligence and then you can have the intelligence in front of you. And the next time Dr. Fauci’s on you can say, hey, but the intelligence actually says x, and you can challenge him.”

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