Sunday, March 5, 2023

You're Supposed to Keep the Water on the Outside

Bay Bulletin,  Boating Lessons Learned From Fire Boat’s Sinking

It’s not how things are supposed to go: an Anne Arundel County Fire Department boat crew, training in tough Bay conditions last March, needed rescue themselves when their fire boat sank near the Craighill Channel.

The report has just been released, detailing the factors that led to this dangerous situation. Cheryl Costello shows us the key safety lessons the department and regular boaters like us can learn from it. Watch below:

You'd think starting with water standing on the deck would be a clue.

I once launched a lab boat from a ramp after I had a lab tech ready the boat. Little did I know that she wasn't aware of the plug. After getting a decent distance away from the dock, I tried to put it up on plane, and water popped a deck plate out and revealed the lower section of the boat flooded. We put the plug back in, made it to the dock and pumped out the boat, and only lost an hour or so, but it was a valuable lesson. Don't trust the lab tech, and check the plug yourself.

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  1. Some stuff ya just NEED to check yourself,, like whether or not the gun is loaded and whether or not the plug is in.