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Flotsam and Jetsam - Don't Bank on the Banks

Yep, we're still mulling over the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (and two other lesser known banks) and their effect on the economy. At According to Hoyt, SVB – A Guest Post by Francis Turner does a pretty good job of explaining the collapse in words non-financial wizards can understand. At CJ, Bro-Bank Blues "It’s easy to blame an out-of-control-tech sector for recent financial failures, but Washington created the monster." At Da Wire, Ben Shapiro: Here’s Why Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed, and he says it really fast. At NYPo, SVB bailout shows ‘capitalism is breaking down,’ Ken Griffin says but then, we haven't had real "capitalism" in years, if ever. Actually, I hate the term "capitalism" and prefer "free market." At the Free Bacon, Silicon Valley Bank Bailout is Socialism for the Rich. Also at Da Wire, ‘Cringe’ Ads Go Viral From Failed Bank That Refused Trump’s Business: ‘A Circus Not A Bank’ ""Who would have trusted their money to these guys after watching this video?"

Dan Flynn at Am Spec, Silicon Valley Bank Got Woke, Went Broke "Corporate responsibility, huh?" At NYPo wannabe GOP Vivek Ramaswamy candidate says Big Tech wins unfair advantage over American workers in SVB scandal. Breitbart Business Digest, The Bidenflation Banking Crisis. Vicky Taft at PJ Media, The Fault Line in Biden's Bank Failures Runs Through Washington's Greed. At Breitbart, Tom Cotton notes the Biden Administration Won’t Commit to Not Bailing Out Chinese SVB Investors. It's fair, after all, they hold the mortgage on his soul. Matt Vespa at Town Hall highlights The Tweet That Captures the Backlash That Could Come From Bailing Out Silicon Valley BankSean Davis@seanmdav "I’m sympathetic to arguments to protect deposits at banks, but the federal government giving a bailout to Silicon Valley while giving a finger to East Palestine is the stuff that revolutions used to be made of." FEE explains Why We Should Let Bad Banks Fail. "Bad banks need consequences. Let them fail." At Da Caller, Financial Expert Explains Why The Economy Is Collapsing In One Perfect Tweet (below). 

The Treasury Department changed the rules, on its own non-existent authority to do so, about releasing SARs to Congress. Pre-Hunter-Biden, pre-"President"-Joe-Biden, if Congress demanded SARs about anyone, the Treasury disclosed them.

But then the Biden Crime Family cheated its way into power and Treasury decided it could no longer risk people's "privacy" by disclosing the reports about their receipts of suspicious foreign payment.

At Breitbart,  J.D. Vance: Railroad Companies Have ‘Gotten in Bed with Big Government,’ Biden Administration Making It More Difficult to Clean up East Palestine Mess. KT at Hat Hair sees House Democrats bail on Homeland Security Committee field hearing in McAllen, Texas.

 Da Caller,  A Soros-Funded Organization Is Helping A Student Org Defy DeSantis’ Higher Education Reforms, so you know who they fear. Rusty Weiss at the PI, NBC’s Chuck Todd Upset That DeSantis is ‘Politicizing’ Communism By Having the Dangers Taught in Florida Schools. At Ricochet, DC Freaks Out Over DeSantis’s Ukraine Comments; Voters Shrug. Althouse reads the NYT, "Declaring this week that defending Ukraine against Russia’s invasion was not a vital interest for the United States, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida cemented a Republican shift..."

"... away from hawkish foreign policy that has played out over the past decade and accelerated with Donald J. Trump’s political rise. Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis — whose combined support makes up more than 75 percent of Republican primary voters in the nascent 2024 presidential contest — are now largely aligned on Ukraine, signaling a sharp break from the interventionist approach that drove former President George W. Bush’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan."

From "DeSantis, Backing Away From Ukraine, Angers G.O.P. Hawks/The Florida governor, who joined Donald Trump in declaring that defending Ukraine from Russia was not a vital interest, drew swift condemnations from establishment Republicans" (NYT).

We lived a long time with Ukraine as an integral part of the USSR, essentially a Russian Empire. It was better when they separated, but it is not essential. I think we should help the Ukrainians as much as possible, but without putting America at risk.

From Da Mail, Mitch McConnell is discharged from hospital and moved to inpatient rehab after falling and hitting his head at a DC dinner. So the Pubs are still down one in the Senate.

Ace reports a Firm Employed by Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Attempted to Illegally Procure Military Files for Another Republican, "This Republican was also running against a Democrat for a congressional seat. He lost by 1.5%. The firm is the one the DCCC paid $100,000 for just this kind of background dirt -- Due Diligence." Ned Ryun at Am Great thinks Dominion’s Lawsuit Against Fox News Is Unfounded, "Fox simply did what a good news outlet is supposed to do in the face of a controversial, national story: cover it from all sides."

From Twitchy, Tucker Carlson holds a master class in trolling the Left with his new Twitter bio. At BPR, Crazed Keith Olbermann calls for Tucker’s arrest, says ‘Q Shaman’ lawyer had tapes all along. From Da Wire, Proud Boys J6 Case Upended By Hidden FBI Messages Judge Calls ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly elaborates in A ‘Spill’ of FBI Secrets
In perhaps the most shocking revelations, Miller and another agent discussed emails between Rehl, who has been imprisoned under pretrial detention orders since March 2021, and his then-attorney, Jonathan Moseley. “Found an email thread with Rehl and his attorney, Moseley. The attorney raised some interesting points.”

“Hopefully all related to him pleading out,” Miller replied.

Another defense attorney later noted that “there appear to be missing FBI messages” in the same exchange.

Rather than express outrage at the fact that the FBI was spying on what is commonly considered privileged communications protected by the Constitution, Kelly instead gave prosecutors time to concoct a face-saving strategy—and that they did.

“It appears that the Jencks production to defense counsel may involve a spill of classified information,” assistant U.S. Attorney Joyelyn Ballatine told Judge Kelly. She added that the government needed to “claw back” the entire spreadsheet to review all the messages for allegedly “classified” material.

Justice no longer exists in America. At Da Wire,  Trump Has ‘No Plans’ To Testify In Grand Jury Investigation As Likelihood Of Being Indicted Increases. Even WaPoo admits the case hase major problems.

At the Free Bacon, Student Activists Target Stanford Law School Dean in Revolt Over Her Apology. "Jenny Martinez becomes the target of student ire for saying “I’m sorry” to besieged judge Kyle Duncan." Bob Spencer at Front Page, Stanford Law School Descends Into Barbarism "These people will soon be lawyers, and then, God help us." Jennifer Van Laar at Red State reports Antifa Attacks Charlie Kirk's UC Davis Speech

John Sexton at Hat Hair reports Wellesley College will hold vote on whether to accept trans men as students, Sure,why not? At NYPo, University president on paid leave after Indigenous identity claim: ‘I deeply apologize’ Why paid? LA Times cited at Hat Hair, notes the California ‘Teacher of the Year’ faces 14 charges in child sexual abuse case. "The teacher is charged with seven counts of possession of child pornography and four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. She is also charged with two counts of committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child. Finally, Ma is charged with attempting to dissuade a witness from testifying." At the Summit Transgender Daycare Worker Charged With Sexually Abusing a Baby. Florida's Voice, Florida to revoke Hyatt Regency Miami license after ‘sexually explicit’ show with children. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair features Confessions of a former trans kid. Sundance at CTH has Speak Up for the Kids! 
Missy Robertson, Kirk Cameron, and Riley Gaines (representing Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack) had an appearance at the Hendersonville, Tennessee public library last week. They were to read children’s books they’d written for Brave Books, stories based on faith-based principles.

The staff did everything they could to disrupt the event, and according to Missy, kept the parents and kids in line outside in the freezing rain when they could have formed the lines inside the library.

As Missy says, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, we must make sure our voices are louder than theirs. I’m quite sure Drag Queens would have been given the red carpet treatment.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall details  How a Former Rolling Stone Editor Embarrassed Dems During Twitter Files Hearing. From Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald DRAGS media using MAGA Trump/Right to push digital censorship (Matt Taibbi assist). David Catron at Am Spec calls it Censorship: The Week Democrats Finally Came Out. "They are now loud and proud about their desire to crush dissent to “save democracy.”

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, We Were Censored for Reporting on Natural Immunity. What's Next?William Sullivan at Am Think looks forward to The Looming Reckoning for COVID Tyrants. I'm not holding my breath.

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