Thursday, March 16, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - DIY Thursday

Yep. It's one of these again. Provide your own snark.

Bank Failures, Economy

In The Mailbox: 03.15.23 (Evening Edition) - The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 03.15.23 (Morning Edition) - The Other McCain
Asian Stock Markets Tumble in Wake of SVB Collapse
First Thing We Do, Let’s Blame ‘Deregulation’ – Issues & Insights
Former Treasury Official Says US Banks On Verge Of ‘Nationalization’ - The Daily Caller
Israeli Banks Transferred $1 Billion Out of SVB Before Collapse – Summit News
Don't Call It a 'Bailout': No One Is Buying the White House Spin on Silicon Valley Bank
Altman: Biden Is Effectively Nationalizing The Deposit Base Of The Entire U.S. Financial System | Video - RealClearPolitics
Meet The SVB Board: Trump ‘Shock’ Prayers, Dem Donors, And Improv - The Daily Wire
SVB Pledged Nearly $74 Million To Black Lives Matter Causes
Can Silicon Valley Remake Itself? - City Journal
Ace of Spades HQ Sillicon Valley Bank Paid Out $73 Million to BLM and BLM-Associated Causes Update: Gavin Newsom Lobbied For Bailout of Bank's Depositors, Without Revealing He Was One of the Bank's Depositors
Ace of Spades HQ Brace Yourselves For a Disorienting Shock: Silicon Valley Bank Routinely Donated to Gavin Newsom's Bagman Wife Before Gavin Newsome Selflessly Lobbied for Biden to Fill It With More Government Money
SVB And Other Thoughts – The Laughing Wolf
Biden killed SVB. We're next. - Don Surber
Silicon Valley Bank collapse may not be the last. Blackrock CEO warns of 'slow rolling crisis'
Inflation: Everything is 6% Higher From a Year Ago and Rent is Up 8.2%, the Highest Ever
New Data Shows Prices Ticking Up and Inflation Not Going Away

Politics as Usual

Biden Admits How Unpopular He Is, and Response of Vegas Audience Confirms It – RedState
Exclusive — Speaker McCarthy: Administration ‘Fighting Every Step of the Way’ Against Biden Family Business Investigations
‘A New Name Has Emerged’: Rep. Comer Says Another Biden Member Tied Up In Hunter Scheme | The Daily Caller
Comer: Bidens Were Paid 'Massive Amounts' from China – PJ Media
'Treasury Department Caves': Oversight Committee Chairman Has an Update About Its Biden Family Probe
Kamala Harris Reportedly Snubbing Elizabeth Warren Over Recent Comments Questioning Her as VP in 2024
Kamala Harris To Make First Visit To Iowa As Vice President - The Daily Wire
Like things weren't scary enough - Stacy Abrams is coming for your gas stove – HotAir
Stacey Abrams gets a new job after election loss, joins environmental group trying to eliminate gas stoves - Fox News
The urban doom loop could be bad news for Democrats – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly Wastes No Time At All and Immediately Starts Demanding That Social Media Begin Censoring Information About the Silicon Valley Bank Debacle
On Ukraine, DeSantis' nuance demands elaboration, explanation – HotAir
MSNBC: DeSantis Loves Putin's Russia Because 'There Are No Gay People' - Newsbusters
Ron DeSantis: 'It Is Not Sinful to Prohibit the Mutilation of Minors'
Desperate Trump-supporting super PAC files ethics complaint against DeSantis in Florida – HotAir
Mike Pence Pandering To D.C. Media Is Pathetic And Disqualifying
Vivek Ramaswamy Isn’t Always Right, But He’s Usually Interesting - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
George Santos's Role in Sale of $19 Million Yacht Attracts F.B.I. Interest – HotAir
Embattled GOP Rep. George Santos Files Paperwork For Re-Election - The Daily Wire
Seriously? Santos files reelection papers – HotAir
Koch-Linked Groups, Including One Funded by Norfolk Southern, Line Up Against J.D. Vance's Rail Safety Reforms
Leftist Groups Tapping $1 Billion to Vastly Expand the Private Financing of Public Elections - RealClearInvestigations

Social Media and Censorship and the WuFlu

NewsGuard Is Just As Bad As The Global Disinformation Index
DeSantis Says Deborah Birx Conducted COVID-19 Lockdowns As ‘Science Experiment’ - The Daily Caller
University Asks Judge To Block Release Of Documents Related To Dangerous Coronavirus Research - The Daily Caller
Inversion Blender - American Greatness

Jan 6 and Lawfare

The J6 Committee’s Obstruction of Justice - American Thinker
Exclusive— Trump on McCarthy Release J6 Surveillance Footage: ‘I Think It’s a Brave Thing He Did’
The Democrat-Media Insurrection Myth - American Thinker
Stormy Daniels speaks to New York prosecutors as possible Trump indictment looms - POLITICO

Education and the Culture War

The Stanford Law School Culture, Not The Diversity Dean, Is The Problem (but I repeat myself)
David Lat released the full audio of Judge Duncan's (attempted) speech at Stanford Law – HotAir
The Stanford Law students who protested a judge are privileged brats - The Washington Post
Woke colleges are literally driving students mad
‘Queer, Non-Binary,' Sharia-Adherent State Rep Hid Trans Activist Who Assaulted Cop - Frontpage Mag

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