Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trans Day of Rage - Transgunman Kills 3 Kid 3 Adults at Nashville Christian School

Once I woke up from my post anaesthetic nap yesterday, a new school shooting in Nashville was all over news. A gunman had entered a school associated with a Christian school in Nashville TN, killed three children, three adults and was him/herself killed by the police. The news took a while to develop, but when they identified the shooter, it turned out to be a transman (a woman seeking to become a man, for those confused by the lingo), who had left behind a manifesto, which to my knowledge, has yet to be fully revealed to the public. Speculation that he/she went to the school many years before, and was upset by Tennessee's attempt to ban the gender bending of children. This, all after transactivists declared a  Trans Day of Vengence. Stacy McCain, BREAKING NEWS: Nashville School Shooter Is Probably Not a Trump Voter

While I always strive to avoid speculation in situations like this, the (allegedly) transgender person known as Audrey (or “Aiden”) Hale does not seem to fit the MAGA profile. It is not yet known if Hale’s motive was political, or if she/“he” was just crazy. Therefore I must withhold judgment on whether this shooting — which killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville — could be described as transgender terrorism. 
Ace, Update: Transgender Killer Confirmed; Left Behind a "Manifesto". Matt Vespa at Town Hall on Why the Nashville Christian School Shooting Is About to Disappear From the News Cycle. Don Surber, What the media doesn't say about a mass murderer details the MSM attempting dodge the facts. eg. "In a 28-paragraph account, CNN did not mention the transsexualism of the shooter. It did say, “The shooter did not have any known history of mental illness.” But we are not allowed to call transsexualism a mental disorder." 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks the Press Make an Absolutely Horrific Move in Dealing With the Psychotic Transgender Shooter. They're worried about what pronouns to use. Jorge Bonilla@BonillaJL, "IT BEGINS: ABC's Terry Moran ties the Nashville school shooting to Tennessee's recently-passed legislation banning the hormonization and mutilation of minors. The shooter was 28."

Twitchy, Matt Walsh holds NOTHING back in short but BRUTALLY honest thread on left-wing trans extremists Matt Walsh@MattWalshBlog "I have been telling you for a long time that left wing trans extremists are violent, dangerous people who have made been to feel absolutely entitled to say and do whatever they want. The deranged claims of “genocide” are an open invitation to violence. It will get worse from here." Ace, Women's Rights Activist Posie Parker Physically Assaulted by Trans Extremists at a Speech in New Zealand David Strom, Trans activists get "mostly peaceful"
Posie Parker (Kellie-Jay Keene) is a British anti-transgender ideology activist, and she has been on a world tour to make her case. She has been harassed every step along the way, both by the governments in countries she has been visiting and by the thousands of activists who have been mobbing and shutting down her events. She gets “special treatment” (customs harassment) when entering countries and is smeared by the news media as a White supremacist.

Because she opposes trans ideology. As you can see from the video, she wasn’t just shouted down. She was physically assaulted by a mob. She had to shelter in a police station, and the police escorted her to the airport so that she could escape from New Zealand less than 24 hours after she arrived to speak.

Riley Gaines
Elle Purnell at Da Fed writes You’ve Probably Never Been ‘Woman Of The Year,’ But These Men Have. At Breitbart, Tennis Great Martina Navratilova Praises World Athletics Trans Ban as ‘Step in the Right Direction’, or as tranactivists would call her a TERF. At Hat HairCapt. Ed  Oopsie: NPR hits reverse --sorta -- on "limited scientific research" in male sports dominance (Only all the sports records) and KT, Swimmer Riley Gaines blasts ESPN for honoring transgender woman athlete during Women's History Month. Chicks on the Right notes NPR Lays Off 10% Of Workforce As MSM Rendered Obsolete By Destroying Their Own Credibility. Ben Bartee at PJM wonders Why Are Medicaid Funds Used for 'Gender-affirming Care'? Because our "leaders" are stupid and corrupt. 

Holly Holm
At Fox, UFC fighter Holly Holm calls for an end to the sexualization of children. ""There’s a lot of child trafficking. I mean that’s like the extreme part. There’s a lot of levels to it. You see it almost being more accepted and I think that’s really sad. I feel like we should all do what we can. A lot of people don’t know what to do. But at least if I can have a voice on it then that’s something I can speak out on. And it’s just to get everybody together to protect children"

Megan Fox at PJM, NY Parents Set to Sic the Law on School Board That Insists on Porn in School. Victory Girls see Parents Bill of Rights Sets Democrat Hair Ablaze. Tristan Justice at Da Fed finds a New Mexico School Boards Association Administrator who claims Parents Have No Rights In Public Education. KT at Hat Hair, Update: Florence museum invites Florida school officials, parents to view Michelangelo’s “David” in person. I saw it, it's worth the trip. 

The great VDH at Am Great asks Who Owns the University? "The megalomania of the current crop of students, faculty, and administrators at our radical universities blinds them to the claims of their generations of benefactors." John Stossel at Front Page, Diversity Training Disaster "It is not about data. It's about a power grab." FEE, Is ‘Wokeism’ to Blame for Silicon Valley Bank’s Demise? No and Yes. "‘Wokeism’ may not have been the primary factor for SVB’s collapse, but basic economics shows it did play a role, big or small." At NYPo, Hollywood’s top Native American producer is a fake, activists claim. It was just so easy. 

John Sexton at Hat Hair, One of Rand Paul's staffers was 'brutally attacked' in DC over the weekend, was it directed political violence, or random crime? Bad either way.

 Joe Biden didn't exactly cover himself with glory over the Nashville shootings. NYPo, Biden makes ice cream joke in first statement since Nashville shooting. USA Today, Chris Christie says President Biden fumbled Nashville shooting response with ice cream joke. Fox, Nashville school shooting: Biden criticized for joking about ice cream in first statement since attack. But of course, he did use it to plug his "assault weapons" ban. Fox, Biden vows to tank GOP effort to boost energy production "Republican efforts to boost energy production 'would take us backward,'" Backward to warm winters, cool summers and energy independence. A Monmoth poll cited at Hat Hair, Dems want a new presidential nominee, 44/25 ... but ... "Among those who do have a preferred alternative, Vice President Kamala Harris (13%) is the only potential contender who registers above single digits." Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, God help us. We actually sent Kamala Harris to Africa on a "charm offensive." Victory Girls, Kamala Goes To Africa To Do More Of Nothing, but as Althouse has often noted, better than nothing is sometimes a high bar. 

At Based Politics, Michigan Democrats just stripped away workers’ rights—with Biden’s approval "Why? It’s the money, stupid." Force workers into unions, so the unions will donate to the Democrats. Mary Chastain at LI reports Elizabeth Warren Going for a Third Senate Term, which suggests she's given up running for Preznit. 

At Fox, Trump suggests Manhattan DA Bragg 'already dropped the case' against him: 'It's a fake case' "Trump says, 'They have absolutely nothing'" NYPo, Trump claims Manhattan DA Bragg has ‘already dropped the case’ against him. At YaHoo!, Trump lawyer calls post attacking Bragg 'ill-advised,' says 'I'm not his social media consultant.'  Breitbart, ABC’s Abrams: DA Bragg ‘Jerry-Rigging’ a 7 Year-Old Misdemeanor into a Felony to Charge Trump'Jerry-built' vs. 'Jury-rigged' vs. 'Jerry-rigged'. Mike LaChance at LI, Andrew Cuomo On Alvin Bragg Prosecution Of Trump: “I think it’s all politics” “I think it feeds the cynicism and that’s the cancer in our body politic right now.” Deroy Murdock at Da Signal, Anti-Trump ‘Hush Money’ Case Has More Holes Than His Doral Golf Course

Matt Palumbo at Bongino, Dan Bongino: Democrats' Worst Predictions About Trump Are Actually Happening Under Biden. Jeff Lord at Am Spec, Trump Critics Whine as He Attacks DeSantis. "Political attacks on opponents have been standard in presidential campaigns for centuries" but then, so has whining about it. Seth Connell at Bongino, Trump Supporters at First 2024 Campaign Rally in Waco Give Mixed Opinions on DeSantis Run. People have different opinions? Really? I'm shocked, shocked! Sarah Arnold at Town Hall reports DeSantis and Trump Both Dismiss the Idea of Being Each Other's 2024 Running Mates. Of course, they would at this point. But Trump would never play second fiddle, but I'm not so sure about DeSantis. Atop Da Hill, answering a question nobody is asking, Chris Christie says he’ll decide 2024 run in next 60 days

Joe Fried at Am Think wonders Was Massive Vote Fraud Confirmed with a Fishtail?. Jim Geraghty at WaPoo (cited at Hat Hair) worries, The Dominion lawsuit against Fox is no slam dunk

USNews, Meltdown in Deutsche Bank Shares Shows Banking Crisis Is Not Yet Over. At I&I, Banks Might Have Stabilized, But The Biden Contagion Is Still Spreading.  CJ, One Bank, Indivisible,  "Government decisions are making America into a nation of big banks, and only big banks." CNBC, Deposit drain from smaller banks into financial giants like JPMorgan Chase has slowed, sources say. Capt. Ed, "SVB got caught with its pants down on its bond assets. So did Signature Bank and Credit Suisse, apparently. The next few weeks will be key to seeing just how badly smaller and regional banks prepared for the inevitable rate hikes that followed the beginning of the inflationary wave that started almost exactly two years ago. If the Fed holds off on future interest rate hikes for a while and lets banks tighten money access on their own to stabilize their balance sheets, the worst of this may be behind us." At Da Caller, SUZANNE DOWNING: We’ve Entered An Era When The US Gov’t Won’t Even Take Its Own Money. A bunch of National Parks won't take cash. Dan Flynn at Am Spec, None Dare Call It Recession. "Everybody used to regard two consecutive quarters of a shrinking economy as a recession." At WSJ, The Economy Gets Wrung Out "A steady drip of bad news, including missed earnings and layoffs, is under way."

Lloyd Billingsley, From January 6 to March 1 "What another actual attack on the U.S. Capitol looked and sounded like." On the Summit, ‘Go, Go, Go! Help Them Up! Push Them Up’: New Leaked J6 Footage ‘Shows DC Metro Cop Encouraging People to Go Towards The Capitol’. "From The Epoch Times, “Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted as Provocateurs at US Capitol on Jan. 6.”" From Breitbart, Revelation of FBI Informants Shakes Proud Boys’ January 6 Trial. At WaT, Banks close accounts, slam doors on Jan. 6 rioters; feds accused of terrorist treatment. Ace, The Criminal  Government Jails Another Innocent,  "If you have two standards of justice, spoiler alert, you have zero standards of justice." PM wants you to WATCH as MTG, congressional inspection of Jan 6 detainees' jail conditions interrupted by leftist blasting whistle. "This man assaulted everyone there by blowing a whistle as loud in as he could in other’s ears and tried multiple times to assault me and other members.”

Ace, Ripley's Hero: Adam Kinzinger Was On Board of Advisors to Alleged Pro-Ukraine Group That Scammed People Out of Millions of Dollars and Is Now Under Federal Investigation "Ghosts of the Ghost of Kiev! First Kinzinger promoted a fake soldier . . ." At WaEx, Brian Kilmeade bashes Trump over 'insane' Jan. 6 rally video.

Esther Queen at Am Think thinks The FBI's Work in Mass Shootings Is Not Pretty. At JTN John Solomon reports Confronted by FBI abuses, Congress ready to add civil liberty protections to key surveillance law "New guardrails likely to protect Americans under FISA Section 702, House Intelligence Committee members say."

John Sexton has an update on the Atlanta park riots, DeKalb County CEO closed Atlanta park for safety reasons, now police are clearing the area.

Monica Showalter at Am Thinks sees Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes out swinging in defense of TikTok. Sundance at CTH hosts Sunday Talks – Matt Taibbi Discusses the Twitter Files and TikTok Hypocrisy. Da Caller, ‘Something Very Dramatic Has Changed’: Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Have Ditched Free Speech.

“Yeah, it’s funny, I mean, I was raised in a traditional ACLU liberal, I believed in free speech all my life. That was one of the things, frankly, that attracted me to the Democratic Party when I was a kid, the idea that we were the party that believed in letting everybody have a say, and we’ll just make a better argument, and that’s how the system works,” Taibbi said.

“Apparently, something very dramatic has changed in politics in America, and there’s been a shift. There’s no question about it anymore, that now the parties have had a complete reversal on how they read these issues.”

David Zweig on Substack, Biden White House Pressured Meta To Moderate Texts On WhatsApp. Jonathan Turley, New Documents Expose Government Censorship Efforts at Facebook and WhatsApp.

At SLAY, Gaslighting: ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theories’ Proven to Be True This Year.

 NewsBusters, BIAS CONFIRMED! New Study Shows that ChatGPT Is Undeniably Leftist

For example, Rozado’s data show that on the ISideWith 2023 Political Quiz, ChatGPT absurdly stated the U.S. government should raise taxes on the rich, provide free college for all and provide illegal immigrants with subsidized healthcare, in-state tuition at public colleges and the right to vote. It also answered that the U.S. should abolish the electoral college, that local police funding should instead be spent on social and community programs and that convicted criminals should have the right to vote. ChatGPT is also admittedly pro-choice and favors government funding of Planned Parenthood.

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