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Flotsam and Jetsam - Merry Trumpmas! LOTT Punks AOC, Q-Man Released, Insurrection in Tennessee

For those of you who celebrate secular holidays. Stacy McCain, in all caps BREAKING: TRUMP INDICTEDWelcome to Soviet America, comrades.

You can read the whole thing. Basically, Democrats want to outlaw opposition. Trump’s real crime — why he’s actually being prosecuted — is that he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. So now they’ve gotten one of their reliable party henchmen, Soros-funded DA Bragg, to convene a grand jury in Manhattan (where Hillary got 87% of the vote in 2016) to indict Trump on the basis of a far-fetched theory that the payment to Stormy Daniels was somehow felonious. Question: How many other men has Alvin Bragg prosecuted in Manhattan for paying money to whores?

Because I’m pretty sure this payment to the whore Stormy Daniels is only being treated as a felony by Bragg because a Republican is accused of it.

Fox, Trump indicted after Manhattan DA probe for hush money payments. "The charges against Trump relate to payments made to Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election." KT at Hat Hair, Unprecedented: Former President Donald J. Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury. Well, now there's precedent. Hold on to your hat, Joe. Spencer Brown at Town Hall, BREAKING: Donald Trump Indicted by Manhattan Grand Jury. Ace, Trump Indicted "Hey remember when Democrats said you can't criminalize a sexual affair...?" At Althouse,  "Grand Jury Votes to Indict Donald Trump in New York." and "We are discussing with them, you know, obviously, there’s a group called the Secret Service that’s involved now. I mean, this is going to be something we’ve never seen the likes of."

Said Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, quoted in "'Shocked' Donald Trump will face 34 counts of business fraud after NYC indictment: lawyer Joe Tacopina" (NY Post).

34 counts?

“We now heard 34 counts," the lawyer said, "And I guarantee you it’s going to be 34 counts when we find out next week. They’ll take each check and make that a count, perhaps, and that’s how they’ll do it because the checks are paid to Cohen."

Tacopina plans to win the case. He says, "We will humiliate them, and they will pay the price."

At Da Mail, Trump will be indicted on THIRTY counts of business fraud, sources claim, as ex-president's lawyer says he'll travel to Manhattan to be arraigned on TUESDAY

'The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to "Get Trump," but now they've done the unthinkable - indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant election Interference,' Trump said in an emailed statement.

'Never before in our nation's history has this been done.'

Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Here's One Shocking Liberal Media Reaction to Trump's Indictment. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.30.23 EBL TRUMP INDICTED, Twitchy: DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Help With Trump Extradition,

Of course I could gather hundreds of article on this and never finish; another will be published by the time I add the next. This should come as no surprise, we've been expecting this for weeks now, but it was an interesting head fake when it occurred the day after it was announced that the grand jury was taking a month off.

And back to Nashville shootings. At NYPo, the divine Ms. Devine writes 6 people are dead and all Jokin’ Joe Biden can do is sow the rancor and division that got us here. At da Caller, 2024 GOP Presidential Contenders Weigh In On School Shootings Following Nashville Massacre. I don't particularly want to hear from them either. 

At the NY Sun, ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ Set for Washington Days After Nashville School Shooting "‘We need to have a cultural ceasefire,’ one activist declares." On the Summit, Media Settles on “No Known Motive” Narrative Behind Transgender School Shooting. "Authorities refuse to release manifesto." At Twitchy, Poor journo targeted by ‘right-wing firebrands’ for pointing out Nashville is home to The Daily Wire and an EPIC receipt-filled thread just decimates media/Dems/Lefties making Nashville trans-shooter the VICTIM. PJM's Cathy Salgado cites Tucker Carlson who Says Nashville Transgender School Shooter Murdered Victims Because They Were Christian, “Transgenderists hate Christians above all…The divide [in America] is between people who think they are god, and those who know they are not God.” CNS News reports  Sen. Hawley says Nashville School Shooting Was a 'Hate Crime Targeting Christians'. It was, but a crime is a crime. Nick Arama at Red State, Nashville Officials Reveal Critical Info About Why Shooter Targeted School That Everyone Needs to Hear, Swope told The Post that Hale had “looked at” two other schools, both public, before deciding “the security was too great to do what she wanted to do.” “So she chose a private Christian school, for, probably the reason is that the security is a whole lot less.” Ace, Trans Terrorist Chose School Because There Was Too Much Security At the Other Two Schools It Considered. "I guess it didn't believe the left's claim that good guys are incapable of using guns effectively to defend lives." At The Right Scoop “I cannot tell you how angry I am about this!” – Ted Cruz Ted Cruz@tedcruz, "Last year, I filed legislation to substantially enhance the physical security of schools & to double the number of police officers in schools. Dems blocked it with ZERO justification. I cannot tell you how angry I am about this! Senate Dems weren't willing to do what it takes." Would it have covered a private, religious school? I doubt it. Still . . .

Dan Flynn at Am Spec writes They (/Them) Did It "This tragedy involved people, not pronouns." At PJM, Raymond Ibrahim says that Like Muslims, Trans Terrorists Are Lashing Out Due to ‘Grievances’. At Hat Hair VIP, Dave Strom says Gender dysphoria and transgender ideology are very different things. Liz Stauffer at Power Line, Sorry, Liberals, Audrey Hale Is Not the Victim except one of your own creation. Mike LaChance at LI sees Police Officers Who Took Down Nashville Shooter Hailed as Heroes. News Week (cited at Hat Hair), Newsweek fact-check: Actually, yes, there have been four trans mass shooters in last five yearsBenny Johnson@bennyjohnson "The Colorado Springs shooter identified as non binary. The Denver shooter identified as trans. The Aberdeen shooter identified as trans. The Nashville shooter identified as trans. One thing is VERY clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists." “4 shooters out of over 300 mass shooters since 2009 are transgender or non binary. That’s just 1.3 percent of all shooters,” Anthony Zenkus, a lecturer in social work at Columbia University, wrote on Twitter. “You just proved our point: 99 percent of mass shooters in the United States are cis gendered.” According to the Williams Institute research center, around 0.6 percent of Americans over the age of 13 identify as transgender." So, they appear to be about twice as likely to be mass shooters, although the stats are kind of dodgy due to the low numbers (n=4). 

Spencer Brown at Townhall thinks  The White House's Instagram Post About Banning Guns Is Backfiring Spectacularly. At CNS News, Biden: ‘I’m a Second Amendment Guy. I Have Two Shotguns’, bought for photo-ops no doubt. At Da Caller, ‘I Am Not An Expert’: Mayorkas Scrambles As Sen. John Kennedy Asks Him To Define ‘Assault Weapons’  "just one day after he called to ban them in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee." At Am Think Andrea Widburg thinks The most dangerous guns are those in a government’s hands. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Quelle surprise: NYT *still* hasn't covered the Berry-Hobbs story.

Sister Toldja at Red State, Watch as AOC Gets Hilariously Punked by Libs of TikTok as They Pose for Photo Together. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, AOC Melts Down After Being Confronted About Libs of TikTok Lies. Althouse, "You’re actually super transphobic and I never want to share a space with you." "Said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to "Libs of TikTok" creator Chaya Raichik, quoted "AOC storms away from ‘Libs of TikTok’ creator on Capitol Hill" (NY Post)." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.30.23 Twitchy:  @LibsOfTikTok’s Chaya Raichik Goes To Serve Occasional Cortex With Ethics Complaint And Things Get Interesting and Louder With Crowder, LibsofTikTok serves AOC with a defamation complaint, and then it gets hilarious

At Da Caller, Kentucky Legislature Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto On Bill Banning Sex Changes For Minors. From Da Wire, ‘God Made Me In Her Image’: Transgender Activist Claims Michael Knowles Blasphemes Christ By Opposing Gender Ideology. Hat Hair's KT reports Women sue sorority chapter at University of Wyoming after admitting transgender woman. At Stream, American Psycho: The Hatred for Women That Lurks in Gay and Trans Culture, "How are Gal-Faced minstrels any better than Black-Faced minstrels?" At Da Caller, Rep. Matt Gaetz Tears Into Defense Sec Lloyd Austin On Funding Drag Queen Story Hour On Military Bases.From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.30.23 At Am Great,  ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ to Proceed in D.C. Despite Nashville Shooting, also, West Virginia Bans Sex Change Surgeries for Minors.

Ace, National Hockey League Ponders Cancelling Mandatory LGBT Pride Nights, as More Players Refuse to Wear the Rainbow Pride Jerseys

They're forcing players to wear gay jerseys as part of their "Hockey is for everyone" (except believing Christians and traditionalists and normies who just don't want to be drafted into gay activists' never-ending drama of crybulling for infinite validation) campaign. But players are getting sick of being of being made into sexual-political props for a cause they don't support. And the NHL is considering scrapping the gay political rallies.

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair reports  NY Governor disinvited from pride parade "If you’re the liberal, progressive Democrat in charge of one of the biggest blue states in the country, how badly do you have to screw up to manage to get yourself banned from the gay pride parade? That’s something of a mystery, but New York Governor Kathy Hochul has somehow managed the feat."

At Da Caller, ‘My Wife And Kids Come First’: Matt Walsh Postpones Campus Speech After Unassociated Threats. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Outraged Columbia University students attempt to deplatform a photo that has Brett Kavanaugh in it. At Campus Reform, Michigan State warns against using bigoted phrases like 'Christmas trees,' 'terrorist' or 'overweight'. Ilya Shapiro at News Week thinks Stanford Dean's Letter Is Great, but Disrupters Should Be Punished. Yep. At Hollywood in Toto, Jennifer Aniston (Indirectly) Slams Cancel Culture  "In the past, “you could joke about a bigot and have a laugh — that was hysterical. And it was about educating people on how ridiculous people were,” she said. “And now we’re not allowed to do that.”"

Nick Arama, BREAKING: 'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley Released From Prison. Dave Strom, "Q-Anon Shaman" Jacob Chansley released from prison; Updated. Ace, "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley Released from Prison into Halfway House
Update: Order Was Signed Back in January
"He was released after the exhibition of video hidden by our criminal government showing Capitol Police granting him permission to be in the building. Note he's still in the criminal system -- he's still under government supervision in the halfway house. He's still a prisoner, just not in prison." Althouse, "After serving eleven months in solitary prior to his sentence being imposed, and only 16 months of his sentence thereafter, it is appropriate this gentle and intelligent young man..." ""... be permitted to move forward with the next stage of what undoubtedly will be a law abiding and enriching life. I applaud the decision of the US Bureau of Prison in this regard." Said the lawyer for Jacob Chansley, quoted in "QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is released 14 months early from prison after Jan. 6 footage showed him being ESCORTED into Senate by cops" (Daily Mail)." According to his lawyer, Robert Shipley, aka "shipwreckedcrew", the release is not a result of the new video, but just time served with good behavior, "Let me make something CLEAR. The videos released and played on Fox News DID NOT play a role in any "early release" for Jake Chansely. Al Watkins claiming that to be the case is FALSE and is Watkins to continuing to deflect blame away from himself for his horrible work." 11 months in solitary? Now, that is criminal! At Gateway, Grim Milestone: Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Has Now Been Held in Prison for 800 Days Without a Trial. Bob Hoge at Red State, Former Capitol Police Officer Gives Force an 'F' Grade for Jan. 6 Preparedness

Meanwhile an insurrection erupts in Tennessee. Megan Fox at PJM, WATCH: Insurrection Underway at Tennessee Capitol 

Police officers are getting plowed over right now by mobs of screaming protesters at the Tennessee capitol. It’s absolute chaos there as anti-gun nuts have broken into the chamber and shut down the People’s business, chanting something about justice and guns. They pushed through a line of state troopers to access the chamber. Oddly, it doesn’t look like anyone is getting arrested, pepper sprayed, tuned up with billy clubs, or hauled off to prison on charges of “sedition.”

At Twitchy, Insurrection underway as anti-gun rioters storm Tennessee Capitol, but MSM don’t seem too concerned. Julio Rosas at Town Hall catches a TN Reporter Desperately Claiming Protesters Storming Capitol Was 'Peaceful'.

At LI Mary Chastain reports DOJ Memo Told U.S. Marshals Not to Arrest Protestors Outside of SCOTUS Justices’ Homes “The training materials told the Marshals ‘to avoid, unless absolutely necessary, any criminal enforcement action involving the protestors.'” Merrick Garland denies knowing about it. Ace, Merrick Garland Claimed that US Marshalls Decided Themselves to Not Arrest Threatening Protesters Outside Supreme Court Justices' Homes. He Lied: They Were Under DOJ Orders Not To Arrest Protesters Unless "Absolutely Necessary." "When Ted Cruz interrogated Garland about why there had not been a single prosecution of "protesters" menacing Supreme Court Justices after the leak of the Dobbs decision, Garland claimed that he could not prosecute anyone, because the US Marshals hadn't arrested anyone."

Also from Ace, DOJ Finally Makes a Single Arrest In the Pregnancy Counselling Center Firebombings Case. "NPR minimizes his crime as much as possible, and tries to make light of the whole matter. How a half-eaten burrito led to charges in the firebombing of an anti-abortion office."

Enough for now, though I still have bins to empty.

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