Friday, March 24, 2023

From Bridge to Reef

Bridge debris being dumped
Slower Maryland News, First of Several Artificial Reefs Deployed In Lower Potomac to Boost Ecology

The first of several deployments of artificial reefs are underway on the Hog Island and Kitts Point artificial reefs.

These reefs are in the lower Potomac, off the Mouth of the St. Mary’s River and Hog Island, VA.

Side scan image showing bridge debris

These deployments are the result of compensatory mitigation agreements, and the commodity value of each load is ~$100,000 using conservative rates that other states pay for clean concrete.

The Nice Bridge project has been good for transportation, oysters and reef building. A Special thanks to MDTA, and SCM contractors for all their help and stewardship. The reefs will provide both ecological and economic benefits.

A good use for the old bridge, but I question the cost of $100,000 a barge. Seems high to me.

I probably won't get around to fishing these, but I know some people who might.  

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  1. I’m thinking the way the fishery is going might be a good sea bass spot , only one I ever caught in the bay was just outside PLO state park on those rock piles but that was 12 years ago