Saturday, March 11, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - More Twitter Files, More J6 and More Politics as Usual

As befits a Saturday, the picking from the wrack line today are most yesterday's news. More ruminations about the testimony of Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger to the House Weaponization Committee (and related events), more discussion of the consequences of Tucker Carlson's J6 video revelation, and just some plain old politics as usual.

Matt Taibbi sums it up at The Democrats Have Lost the Plot "Reclaiming some time, from a House hearing on free speech"

Testifying with Michael Shellenberger before a House Subcommittee was one of the more surreal experiences of my life. I expected serious attacks and spent a nervous night before preparing for them. Then the hearing began, and an episode of Black Adder: Congress broke out. The attacks happened, but it was more farcical horror and a parade of self-owns that made me more sad than upset.

The Democrats made it clear they were not interested in talking about free speech except as it pertains to Chrissy Teigen, seemed to suggest a journalist should not make a living, and finally made the incredible claim that Michael and I represented a “direct threat to people who oppose them.” Of all that transpired yesterday, this was the most ominous development — perhaps not for me but for reporters generally, given our government’s recent history of dealing with people deemed “threats.”

At Da Caller, ‘Twitter Files’ Hearing Descends Into Anarchy As Dems Push Journalist To Reveal His Sources. At Reason Robby Soave is outraged that Democrats Deride the Twitter Files Reporters as 'So-Called Journalists.' Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, Louder With Crowder says Matt Taibbi shuts down Democrat questioning his journalistic integrity so hard she won’t look at him. Ace, Congressmen Smear Liberal Reporters Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger as "So-Called Journalists," Pressure Them to Reveal Sources, Claim They Are Motivated Only by "Clicks" and Money (Unlike CNN and MSNBC!!!) and at Da Fed, Margot Cleveland  says The Censorship Complex Isn’t A ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Conspiracy, And The ‘Twitter Files’ Just Dropped More Proof. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Dem Congresswoman Asks the Most Awkward Question Ever on the House Floor  “So you’re in this as a threesome?” Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger are terrorists or somethingRep. Stacey Plaskett@StaceyPlaskett "Chairman Jordan called before us two witnesses who pose a direct threat to anyone who opposes them."  At Da Caller, Harold Hutchinson  , ‘A Very Disturbing Event’: Michael Shellenberger Describes ‘Censorship-Industrial Complex’ Created With Taxpayer Funds and It’s Pretty Clear That Democrats, Liberal Media Really … Really … Hate Transparency. Mary Chastain at LI, Twitter Files Journalist Shellenberger: Govt. Censorship is ‘Mechanism’ Only Seen in ‘Totalitarian Societies’ “It’s not a slippery slope.” And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the FTC Hires Anti-Musk Activist Amid Agency’s Investigation of Twitter "New hire Sarah Miller highlights close relationship between FTC and left-wing advocacy groups that objected to Musk's Twitter takeover" (at the Free Bacon). 

In other censorship related news, the Peacock is aghast that the House votes unanimously to declassify intelligence on origins of Covid pandemic, sending bill to Biden. At Da Wire, Massive Platform Yanks Tim Pool’s Music Without Explanation, Pool Floats Legal Action "Oh wow okay so it really is #bannedcamp isn't it Band Camp?"

At Am Great, The redoubtable Julie Kelly provides A Handy January 6 Fact Sheet. "Plenty of other falsehoods and misrepresentations animate the fable of January 6. But for those honestly seeking the truth, consider this a cheat sheet for future use." PJ Media's Kevin Downey gives Three Reasons the Libs Will Never Believe J6 Was the Definition of a Mostly Peaceful Protest. I only need one, it damages their narrative. I&I accuses Democrats and the media (but they redund) of Turning A Blind Eye To Inconvenient Truths About Jan. 6. Matt Margolis again, J6 Committee Chair Makes a Disturbing Admission. They never really looked at the videos. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, Da Tech Guy: Everybody Gets to See, even Bernie Thompson! Bob Spencer at Front Page reveals What the Jan. 6 Revelations Confirm About the Left’s Ominous Agenda "The larger, more insidious goal at the heart of the Democrats' "investigation". Twitchy,  What Kevin McCarthy announced about #J6footage should freak Dems/Lefties and Liz Cheney TF OUT Mike LaChance at LI, Tucker Carlson’s Ratings Skyrocket With Airing of January 6th Video Footage, “Fox prime time doubled MSNBC’s average of 1.49 million total viewers and brought in more than six times the viewers of CNN.” Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed thinks We Wouldn’t Need Tucker Carlson If The Jan. 6 Committee Hadn’t Put On A Partisan Show Trial. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Tucker Carlson's J6 Video Gain Is the Dem Media's Pain

Nick Arama at Red State, Turley Raises a Big Question about J6 Chansley Case, Then Elon Drops a Bombshell Video Ace, Free Jacob Chansley. Shut Down the Government Until He Is Free.

Althouse, Musk contrasts Jason Chansley with the man who attacked Dave Chappelle. Elon Musk@elonmusk "Chansley got 4 years in prison for a non-violent, police-escorted tour!? Dave Chapelle was violently assaulted on stage by a guy with a knife. That guy got a $3000 fine & no prison time."  Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, The Geller Reports  Defendant Moves to Dismiss Jan. 6 Case Based on Newly Disclosed Footage, FBI Testimony, Name and Indict the J6 Violent Feds and Antifa Terrorists. At ET, Jan. 6 Proud Boys Trial Paused as Defendant Attorney Alleges FBI Altered Evidence

Joe Klein at Front Page has a report from Georgia, Antifa Warriors Assault Police, Set Fires Again, "How exactly does "an idea" do these things?" At Da Caller, ‘Drop All Charges’: Blazing Chaos Breaks Out During Protest Outside Jail Housing Alleged Domestic Terrorists.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, Twitchy, Jane Fonda Says Call To Murder Pro-Life Republicans Was “Obviously In Jest.”

At Hat Hair, Beege Wellborn can't believe Biden: I'm the BESTEST in the WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!     Dan Greenfield at Front Page notes Biden Raises Taxes for Americans, Raises Pay for Bureaucrats, "Millions will pay more while government bureaucrats get their biggest raise since Carter." At Breitbart, Joe Biden Announces Corporate Tax Hike to 28%, Likely to Burden Small Business. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, Weasel Zippers: Biden “Surprised” Republicans Want To Stop Dems’ 87,000 New IRS Agents From Middle Class Shakedown, Kamala Harris: Biden “Has Said He Intends To Run, And If He Runs, I’ll Be Running With Him”…, Chris Jacobs at Da Fed has a Biden’s Budget Breakdown: How The Big Government Binge Overtaxes, Overspends, And Overborrows, Eric Lendrum at Am Great is amused Biden Budget to Fund ‘Transgender’ Treatments for Veterans, Nice Deb at Am Great catches  Joe Biden claiming ‘MAGA Republicans Are Calling For Defunding the Police Department’ and Stacey Matthews at LI hears Joe Biden Shamelessly Rewrite History on Who Supports Defunding the Police. At Da Caller, Oil Workers Push Biden Admin To Approve Billion Dollar Drilling Project Being Fought By Environmentalists, "Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland will have the final say over whether Project Willow gets approved. She opposed the project as a member of Congress and chose not to appeal a court ruling that blocked the Project Willow in 2021." Mike LaChance at LI notices TikTok Hires Joe Biden-Connected Firm as it Comes Under Increased Scrutiny in DC “SKDK is seen as the most well-connected Democratic firm in Washington with former top employees in senior and mid-level roles in the Biden administration.” He just may be the Manchurian President. From the Free Bacon, Biden Official Leaked Classified Info About Trump-Era Chinese Spy Balloons To Deflect Criticism of Admin, Senators Say, "Rubio, Wicker say Colin Kahl sought to shift attention to Trump."

At Town Hall, Matt Vespa sees a NYT Reporter Torch the Left's Hopes for a Trump Indictment in Stormy Daniels Case "It’s ‘the walls are closing in’ part LXXXVII, and it’s not happening, according to NYT reporter Maggie Haberman (via Mediaite)"

At Twitchy, Nikki Fried’s attempt to slam Ron DeSantis over what he posted is the self-own of the year. Pro-porn is schools. At Hat Hair, *yawn* New anti-DeSantis op-ed? Must be Miami-Herald. Stephen Miller at Spec World sees Glenn Youngkin’s rookie CNN error, "Don’t show up to a town hall with Jake Tapper and expect a fair hearing." John Kudla at Am Think worries about What Will Become of Joe Manchin? KT at Hat Hair is excited that Boy Meets Schiff World as actor runs for open House seat, Ben Savage. I would even be happier with his old co-star, Maitland Ward

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna
Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.10.2023, the Floridan reports, Luna's First Bill Tackles Military Sexual Assaults

At Campus Reform, Trans activists tell straight, gay people they can’t have ‘genital preferences’. Well, f . . . you, oh, wait a minute. Ace, Court Orders Powerlifting USA To Permit Men to Compete Against Women "Well, it's not as if men have any advantage over women in pure physical strength or anything! Tar, feathers, rail. Some assembly and humiliation required." Reagan Reese at Da Caller reports ‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter’ Provided School District’s Professional Development Training For Teachers. At Behind the Black, Today’s blacklisted American: Mother sued by teacher’s union for requesting her child’s kindergarten curriculum. Jay Bergman at Front Page documents Successful Suppression of Students’ Free Speech in Connecticut "Even universities that proclaim their commitment to free speech do not protect it." " Da Fed's David Craig reports that In Milwaukee Public Schools, ‘A’ Is For Activism. Ace, UK Government Anti-Terrorism Agency Cites Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare as "Key Texts" for Promoting White Nationalism. "I would say they must be kidding, but you know they're not kidding at all. At Da Pipeline, Richard Fernandez writes of Outsuffering the Woke Western Alliance.

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