Friday, March 24, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Bragg Balks Again

First, from sundance at CTH, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Cancels Again – Pushes Trump Grand Jury Into Next Week "No one knows for sure what the current issues are around the corrupt political case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is trying to assemble.  However, given all the preparations that are known to have taken place this week, and given the overtime paid to police in order to staff security in/around the Manhattan courthouse this week, something big has shifted and delayed the entire fiasco." Maybe he's just hoping the jury will forget the testimony from Michael Cohen's lawyer, Robert Costello"I told the grand jury that this guy couldn’t tell the truth if you put a gun to his head." VodkaPundit at PJM, Hey, Where Did That Trump Grand Jury Go? Hat Hair's John Sexton, Grand jury will not discuss Trump case again today (Is the delay itself political?) Stephen Kruiser at PJM wonders Who Is Directing the Annoying Trump/Bragg Soap Opera? At PM.  DA Alvin Bragg back-pedals, says Trump arrest was a false expectation, "Bragg’s office said that the GOP’s letter "only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day." So it's all Trump's fault, again. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23 Da Tech Guy: “Allen Bragg is an Asshole” is not a Reason to Vote Trump in the Primaries, but then from In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, Da Tech Guy: Trump Trumping Allen Bragg Highlights the argument in Favor of His Nomination. He Fights!, also, To protest or not to protest, that is the question and The Geller Report: Soros DA Alvin Bragg POSTPONES Today’s Noon Trump Indictment Hearing Again

At Breitbart, Jim Jordan Seeks Testimony from Manhattan Prosecutors Who Resigned over Stalled Trump Probe and Chuck Schumer Refuses to State Confidence in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Nick Arama at Red State sees Bragg Is Throwing a Fit at House GOP and Backpedaling Furiously. At Da Fed, Tristan Justice is annoyed by Cornyn Attacking the House GOP For Investigating Political Prosecution Of Trump By Soros-Funded DA. "With teammates like these, who needs enemies?"Town Hall's Matt Vespa identifies The One Person Who's Silent About Trump's Possible Indictment, Joe Biden. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23 Don Surber: Indicting Trump Is Jumping The Shark. "It’s beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas. Again." But  Frank Friday at Am Think thinks Trump could be in more danger than you think. I think that's really awful, and I love it. What do you think? At the Babylon Bee, Trump To Be Indicted For Removing Mattress Tag In 1997. Tom Crist at Da Fed believes Democrats’ Banana-Republic Persecution Of Donald Trump Must Meet A Republican Response. "When Republicans take the White House, they should make sure prosecutors at every level have every resource and unclassified document they require to investigate and, if mandated, charge everyone on team leftist. No letting things slide. If the Dems want old-fashioned dirty politics, the other side might finally give it to them good, hard, and thoroughly." At Da Wire, Appeals Court Rules Trump Lawyer Must Testify To Federal Grand Jury, Turn Over Records Due To ‘Crime-Fraud Exception’ in the documents case.

Stacy McCain thinks yesterday's take on Jan 6 by the Babylon Bee (Democrats Vow To Arrest As Many Political Opponents As It Takes To Defeat Fascism) was Best Headline Ever? "So not only will you get arrested if you protest against Democrats, but agents of the Department of Justice will violate your right to a fair trial, to make sure that Joe Biden’s enemies go to federal prison. That’s what Our Democracy means, right?" Ace is outraged about Proud Boys Defense Lawyer Accuses the FBI of Infiltrating a Informant Not Into the Proud Boys, But Into The Defense Team Defending the Proud Boys. "Spying on the lawyers of Regime enemies now? This isn't proven. It's merely an allegation. But I have suspicions that it's perfectly true." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23 Am Great, House Judiciary Committee Says ‘No Legitimate Basis’ for Biden Administration to Target Parents Protesting School and from In The Mailbox: 03.23.23,  Am Great FBI Found No Credible Threats After Investigating Dozens of Protesting Parents. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, New Report Shows Extensive Biden Admin Collusion to Classify Parents as Terrorists. At Da Caller, Attorney General Had ‘No Legitimate Basis’ To Order FBI On Parents At School Board Meetings, House Republicans Find. Also from In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, This Ain’t Hell The FBI falsely labels a veteran as a facilitator of domestic terror and at  De Fed. From Twitchy, NYT: Ray Epps demands that Tucker Carlson retract defamatory statements and apologize on-air, Yeah, good luck with that.

From In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, The Geller Reports Hunter Biden Used FBI Mole Named “One-Eye” To Tip Him Off to China Probes.   Ace, Allegation: Hunter Biden Has a Mole in the FBI Codenamed "One-Eye" Who Keeps Him and His Communist Chinese Business Partners Informed of Possible FBI Action Against Them. "The allegations are from the gun-runner recently arrested in Cyprus, who has claimed his arrest was arranged for purely political reasons, to take him off the chessboard." And from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23 Andy West at Da Lid, Whaddayaknow? Joe Signed Off on Hunter/Burisma Statement, "Oh My He Was Lying To Us?" Jonathan Turley, “I Know Nothing, Nothing!” : The National Archives Just Torpedoed Biden’s Sgt. Schultz Defense. CNS News, Comer: 'My Message to the White House Is, This Isn't Going Away'. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland notes Biden Nominates Federal Prosecutor With Massive Conflict Of Interest Over Biden Family Corruption.

Da Beast, cited at Hat Hair, Ingraham to Trump: "Stop talking about 2020. It's over." Capt. Ed, "Good advice. It will go unheeded, however." Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair hears DeSantis strikes again: Don't say healthcare "equity". Virginia Kruta at Da Wire gloats  Nikki Fried Takes Aim At Ron DeSantis. Piers Morgan Levels Her. "No disrespect but if I were a Florida Democrat, I’d probably avoid talking about failing campaigns when it comes to a guy who just flatlined you…. — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 21, 2023"

Also at Da Wire, Stocks Slide After Federal Reserve Hikes Target Interest Rate, Balances Fighting Inflation And Protecting Banks. Sundance sees the Pretending Continues – Fed Chair Powell Notes Banking Crisis Will Likely Restrict Credit and Borrowing on Main Street… NewsMax, No 'Blanket' FDIC Bank Deposit Insurance: Yellen. Just Democrat megadonors from Silicon Valley. Via Hat Hair, the Slantic accidentally gets something right, The real cause of the banking crisis: overstimulus in pandemic relief. We knew we were going to pay, one way or another.  Time for a musical interlude.

Bob Spencer at Front Page wonders What Did the Failed Silicon Valley Bank Get for the $70 MILLION It Gave to BLM and Similar Groups? A smug, satisfied feeling. Take that to the bank!

From In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, The Geller Reports AZ Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Kari Lake In Election Case. Kevin Downey at PJM, Arizona Supreme Court Finally Hands Kari Lake a Win, but the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About It  
Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel wrote that the court would decide whether or not Lake could prove her claim — that Maricopa County did not comply with Arizona election law regarding ballot tabulation. Lake must also prove that there were enough potentially fraudulent votes to affect the outcome of the election based on a “competent mathematical basis to conclude that the outcome would plausibly have been different, not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.”

Lake announced in January that she had three whistleblowers who claim 130,000 votes had been rejected because of bogus signatures, but “higher-ups” insisted they be counted.

Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, GOP says Garland and Biden 'colluded' to silence critics during 2021 election. Bruce Bawer at Front Page is still Auditing Biden’s ‘Victory’ "A veteran CPA lays it all out for you." A decent rundown of the Democrat shenanigans in the swing states. From In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, Da Feds Shawn Fleetwood notes House Republicans Dispel Democrats’ Lie Smearing GOP Poll Watchers As Threats To Democracy  and South Dakota Bans Ranked-Choice Voting In Elections, And Idaho Could Be Next Olivia Hajicek at Da Fed sees an Indiana Lawsuit Challenges Parties’ Right To Keep Candidates Off The Ballot. John Sexton, Asian residents of San Francisco send a warning to Democrats,

Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, NSF: We have ways to force you to stop being skeptical of government. "Gee … a government-funded program to end skepticism of government? What could go wrong?" From Reason, The Crusade Against 'Malinformation' Explicitly Targets Inconvenient Truths "The legal challenge to censorship by proxy highlights covert government manipulation of online speech."  Greg Piper at JTN reports a Judge greenlights Biden social media collusion suit: 'Cohesive and coercive campaign' of censorship  "Court said suit by Louisiana, Missouri and censored doctors is much better pleaded than previous censorship lawsuits against social media companies." The Floridian, Florida Doctor Stripped of Board Certification Over 'COVID-19 Misinformation' for using Ivermectin. At NotTheBee, I just asked Google's new AI chatbot "Bard" the very same question about both Biden and Trump. The difference in its answers is astounding. They only know what they're allowed to find on the internet, and their biased trainers determine that.

At the Free Bacon, Stanford Puts Diversity Dean Who Berated Federal Judge on Leave, "Stanford Law School rules out discipline for student protesters, blames administrators." John Sexton notes Dean Steinbach still thinks she did nothing wrong. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23 at LI Herr Professor Jacobsen sees Stanford Law Diversity Dean Placed On Leave, Student Disrupters Will Be Re-Educated Not Disciplined "Law School Dean Jenny Martinez: “the hate mail and appalling invective that have been directed at some of our students and law school administrators in the wake of March 9 are of great concern to me”  and from In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, Mike LaChance at LI, reports a Law Professor Might Report the Stanford Law Students Who Shouted Down Judge to California Bar. “I am writing to advise you that I plan to file formal complaints with bar admission authorities opposing the admission of students identified as violating the free speech rights of Judge Duncan and their own fellow students.” Insty, THE STANFORD LAW SAGA CONTINUES: Dean Martinez’s 10-Page Letter To The Stanford Community About The Disruption Of Judge Duncan’s Speech. "Her problem is that the alumni are pissed, and the students are out of control. But in a year or two the students will be gone, and the alumni will still be pissed." John Sexton, Behind the scenes of the Harvard affirmative action case, a joke about Asian applicants. Hat Hair's KT, A Texas university president cancels drag show and compares it to blackface. Protests ensue. The College Fix reports White students barred from Iowa State University ‘womxn of colour’ retreat. At LI, James Nault sees Equal Protection Project Files Opposition to Biden Education Dept. Rule Rescinding Trump-Pence Campus Religious Protections "Proposal would remove Trump-Pence era regulation mandating that higher education treat campus religious groups and secular groups equally" At Hollywood in Toto, ‘Greatest Lie’ Silenced by Woke Mob, Media Silent, "Candace Owens' doc triggers students, campus allows protesters to win the day." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.22.23  Ame Think, Philosophy Professor Says ‘Don’t go to College! Become an Electrician.’ and from In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, Behind The Black Today’s blacklisted American: Black DEI administrator fired by college for demanding accuracy and color-blind policies

PM, Georgia legislature BANS child sex changes. Gail Heriot at Insty, NO SURPRISE:Poster Child for Sex Changes is Miserable, Says ‘I Don’t Feel Like Me, Ever.'” In the last 18 hours, I have heard from no less than two friends of mine who told me that their daughters who had hopped on the transgender bandwagon now realize that they are not transgender and are again happy to be girls. The spell may be starting to lift." From In The Mailbox: 03.23.23, Louder With Crowder: Resurfaced clip shows Jazz Jenning’s mom casually explaining forcing Jazz to dilate her rot pocket, and at De Fed  Washington Post Found A Lot Of Happy Transgender People, If You Don’t Count Those Who’ve Committed Suicide. John Sexton, A trans woman suggested trans people needed better messaging and she was attacked as a bad 'cis ally'. At Da Caller, Parental Rights Advocates Battle With Activist Media Over Child Sex Change Treatments.

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