Thursday, March 9, 2023

A Tuesday Tune - The Megalodon Reel

I have no idea what this piece has to do with Megalodon, but it's a pretty tune as bagpipe music goes.

A decade ago, Schenectady, New York-based musician Ally Crowley-Duncan would have been an unlikely candidate for fame. She is a talented musician and musical educator trained on a number of different instruments, but has come to be known as a master of the bagpipes. It’s an instrument that traditionally has not been prevalent in the mainstream music scene. However, in the age of social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, artists can connect artists with audiences around the world, becoming unlikely internet celebrities with thousands of followers.

Under the name Ally the Piper, or Piper.Ally, Ally has not only gained a massive fan following, but is redefining the public’s perception of the often misunderstood instrument. Whether its putting bagpipe solos in the middle of Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses classics, gaining and the attention and being reposted by Metallica and the Dropkick Murphys, or collaborating with other cutting edge TikTok sensations such as Malinda Reese and Mia Asano, Ally has made an impression with viewers not only with her handling of the bagpipe, but also her creativity, style and sense of fun. And we’re not talking about just a few hundred followers. As of this writing, Ally has reached 198K followers on Instagram and an incredible 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

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