Thursday, March 23, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

 John Sexton at Hat Hair, Portland neighbors describe nightmare of living in fear of homeless people 

This won’t come as a shock to regular readers but Fox 12 Oregon has done a couple of stories this week about Portland residents trying to deal with homeless people camping near their homes. Inevitably, these situations cross boundaries including leaving trash and needles around the area, entering people’s yards, stealing and even threats and fights. One such fight happened recently in a south Portland neighborhood and now people are afraid to go outside.
Recently neighbors said they witnessed a man being attacked by a person on their street. This is something they say would have never happened a few years ago.

Gwen Ingram, who lives near a homeless encampment, said she’d never before felt how she does now. She says she’s afraid to go outside in daylight…

“It’s terrifying,” Ingram said, “people scream at you, yell at you, and threaten you.”

Ingram claims police haven’t been helpful.

“We’d call and they’d ask, ‘do you want us to come?’ We’re like, ‘yes we want you to come out!’ That’s a stupid question.”
Another neighbor, Deena Closson, says she woke up one once and found someone was standing over her bed. She says she threw a hammer at him and he ran out the front door. But they all realize there’s not help coming to fix this problem. The police are badly understaffed and can’t do much even when they do show up. Here’s the full report.

Note, she was keeping a hammer in bed. And at PM,  ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland communist group is erecting dangerous homeless encampments next to people's houses

A Portland, Oregon woman is speaking out after a homeless man repeatedly threatened to burn her house down when she confronted him about his tent, which had been set up next to her house by a communist Antifa-linked group accused of exploiting the city's unhoused for profit.

According to KPTV, on the morning of March 20, Vivica Elliott left her home on North Going Ct. in north Portland and spotted a big canvas tent on the other side of a wall that separates her property from a street. Elliot said the problem was not simply the existence of the tent, but that homeless people had been throwing trash and needles on her property.

Fed up, she confronted the man staying in the tent and told him to pack up and leave. She says he responded by threatening to set fire to her home. "He said 'I'm gonna burn your house down'," Elliott claimed. "He said it four times!" Elliott called police, but no arrests were made, and the tent was allowed to remain.

The man's tent and many tents throughout Portland had been provided and set up by the People’s Housing Project LLC. The group had been supplying homeless people with tents since 2021, but ramped up their services after the Portland Street Response was barred from doing so under newly-elected City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez, who cited a number of recent tent fires in his decision to stop the practice.

The People's Housing Project's website tries to hide who runs the business, saying "there are currently 5 of us who collectively run" the group. An investigation by The Post Millennial can reveal that four of those members are self-admitted communists Bryan Kim, Zachary Forster, Breeze Pollard and Joseph Cambroni also known as "Jorah Hollander." In a statement to KPTV, the group defended its decision to set up tents all over town.

Until they learn how to vote better, these problems will go on. 

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