Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Maryland, My Maryland

Kevin Downey at PJ Media, School Official Spray-paints 'Groomer' on Libraries, Then Gets Busted With Kiddie-Porn

Charles Sutherland, a now-unemployed elementary school librarian, was arrested last June for spray-painting the word “groomer” on libraries that openly support the LGBT community. He had been facing hate crimes and malicious destruction of property charges. He is now looking at additional charges for possession of child pornography.

Sutherland was arrested for the vandalism charges in June and agreed to a search of his home. Cops found child porn on his computer. Then it got creepy.

Police also discovered a child-sized doll in Sutherland’s bed. He had smaller dolls and diapers in his home as well, though he has no kids or family members young enough to wear them.

Sutherland was slapped with six counts of misdemeanor charges for child pornography in Montgomery County, Md., a “sanctuary” county that was the site of a rash of sex crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Child pornography is a misdemeanor in a sanctuary county? Go figure.

The left-leaning website LGBTQ Nation appears to be running interference for Sutherland and posted:
While there’s no evidence that Sutherland, age 31, has sexually abused children, police discovered images of child pornography on his computer, according to WTOP.
Sutherland owns child pornography, was found with a child-sized doll in his bed, and worked in an elementary school until he was arrested for painting “groomer” on two libraries. Can’t that be reason enough to keep him away from kids?

People seem to be tip-toeing around the question of whether "attack" on the libraries is sincere, or whether they were "false flag" hoaxes, designed to try to put opponents of LGBTQP (for pedo) in a bad light. Given the number of similar hoaxes from the left, one should consider that a possibility to be ruled out.

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