Thursday, March 30, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Noise from Nashville, Trumpmas Put Off a Month

At Front Page Dan Greenfield has a theory on what motivated the Nashville shooter, ‘Transgender-Affirming Care’ Leads to Murder of 3 Kids in Church School. "Audrey set out to destroy women and girls - just as she had destroyed her own femininity." and Bob Spencer sees Trans Terror Against Christians, "The Left’s constant incitement bears tragic fruit." PJM's Cathy Salgado, Trans Resistance Network Claims Trans Murderer Was Tragic Victim of Bigotry. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23 The Geller Reports They’re Just Getting Started…Hyper-Violent Transgender Militants Call for Widespread Violence Against Christians. At HE, The 'Trans Vengeance' movement has led to a series of assaults and now the murder of Christian children. Ace, Trans Extremists: Audrey Hale Struck a Blow for Trans Rights "Some truly vile endzone dances from trans extremists who tell us they're under threat. They sure aren't acting like they're afraid. People who are afraid don't justify the murder of 9-year-old children. David Strom points out that Tucker Carlson noted, just last week, the increasingly violent rhetoric coming from the trans extremists -- and NPR urging them on." Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23 the Victory Girls, Twitter Says No Pointing Out The Vengeance Talk!  at Da Fed, Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis For Reporting On ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Following Nashville Shooting. At Town Hall, Ann Coulter takes on the Transgender Nation "Talk about bad luck! What are the odds of the Nashville school shooter being a transgendered person who is ALSO mentally ill? Arguably, there were hints."

At Da Fetched, Joe Biden Laughs When Asked If Christians Were Targeted in Nashville Shooting – WATCHEnd Wokeness@EndWokeness, "Reporter to Biden: Josh Hawley thinks Christians were targeted Biden: I probably don’t then. *Laughs* I’m just joking." End Wokeness@EndWokeness, "Biden never went to Waukesha after a black supremacist killed 6 Biden never went to East Palestine after the toxic train derailment Biden joked around about ice cream right after an anti-Christian massacre The message is clear." Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23, Eric Lendrum at Am Great notes Merrick Garland Refuses to Investigate Nashville Shooting as Hate Crime. At Da Wire, FBI Isn’t Treating Nashville Shooting As Domestic Terrorism.

Stacy McCain decries The Unlimited Wretchedness of MSNBC "Got that? The reason the transgender psychotic went on a murder rampage at a Christian school is because . . . the NRA and a “paranoid frenzy” that afflicts Republicans. . . " Da Caller notices Media Twists Itself Into Knots Covering Transgender School Shooter over pronouns. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23, the First Street Journal is amused by The laughable contortions taken by the professional media when a school shooter is #transgender, "Isn't simply reporting the truth much, much simpler?" Insty cites JEFF GOLDSTEIN: “The mainstream press and trans-activists are trying to pin the targeted shooting deaths of 6 people, including three nine-year-old children, on Christians, while simultaneously rehabilitating the shooter, a trans man. Fair…?” "Well, fairly predictable, anyway."

Breitbart reports a  Study: ‘Transgender’ Youth at Highest Risk for Violent Radicalization. Well, they're already nuts. KT at Hat Hair sees that Trans Day of Vengeance moves forward despite Nashville mass murder and MTG's Twitter account is suspended. According to PJM's Kevin Downey, Tolerance and Acceptance Were Never Going to Be Enough for the Trans Crowd

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23, Louder With Crowder, Democrat spox calls for “transphobes” to be murdered hours after trans shooter murdered Christian schoolchildren. Hot Hair's Capt. Ed, AZ governor's press secretary: Let's shoot all the "transphobes"? Update: Apologize and resign, says ... Olby; Update: Resigned.  Ace, A Day After a Trans Terrorist Kills Christian Children, Katie Hobbs' Spokeswoman Urges "Us" to Kill All the Transphobes, NBC: The Trans Community Is the Real Victim Here. "She's now resigned, after inciting fucking mass murder against her political enemies." At Da Caller, Dem Governor’s Spokesperson Resigns After Appearing To Post Threat Against ‘Transphobes’ Hours After Nashville Shooting. AZ Family, Gov. Hobbs’ press secretary resigns after controversial tweet following Nashville mass shooting. Sundance at CTH, Katie Hobbs Press Secretary Resigns After Sending Threatening Tweet in Support of Transgender Violence. Insty snarks PRESS SECRETARIES ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD, AND THEY PROBABLY SHOULDN’T HAVE AN INDEPENDENT PERSONAL PROFILE: AZ Governor’s Press Secretary Resigns Over the Most Poorly Thought Out Tweet in History.

Nick Arama at Red State, Jamaal Bowman Throws Unhinged Fit Against GOP in Hallway, Thomas Massie Drops a Little Reality on Him. At Twitchy, Dem Rep comes unhinged after Thomas Massie’s suggestion to stop school shootings; Updated.  At Da Wire, ‘God Is A Redeemer’: Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Addresses The State After Covenant School Massacre. Now that's a hate crime! At Breitbart, Liz Cheney says ‘Spend Less Time Banning Books’ and More Stopping Gun Violence. Atop Da Summit, Paul Watson has an LGBT Video: Trans ‘Activist’ Literally Burns Harry Potter Book "“’I only burn the bad books’ said every book burner ever.” At Hat Hair, John Sexton hears JK Rowling: As the left becomes 'puritanical and authoritarian and judgmental' they are pushing people to the right and KT Senate chaplain leaps outside his lane with plea for action during opening prayer. Insty, OUT ON A LIMB: There Are No Banned Books. Books are ‘banned’ in Tennessee in much the same way a person can’t say the word ‘gay’ in Florida. It’s a myth. "For the left, the banned book claim is a political racket, allowing them to feign indignation over the alleged “authoritarianism” of Republicans who don’t want kids reading identitarian pseudohistories or books depicting oral sex, rape, violence, or gender dysphoria in their schools.

At Blaze, In pushing for gun control, Biden erroneously says, 'You're not allowed to own a flamethrower', in fact, you are. Breitbart, Joe Biden: Congress Must Enact Gun Control – ‘I Have Done the Full Extent of My Executive Authority’. Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed thinks the Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards.

At Outkick, Joe Rogan Points Out The Absurdity Surrounding Swimmer Lia Thomas. But this guy one-upped him. From Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Male weightlifter proves a point: I just set a world record! REDUXX@ReduxxMag, "A male powerlifting coach self-identified as a woman and broke a women's benchpress record in protest of gender self-identification in sport. Avi Silverberg performed the defiant act while the current record holder, a transgender male, watched. READ:"

Hans von Spakovsky at PJM, Stanford Law School—EXPOSED as a training ground for legal radicals. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Godwin’s Law Goes Woke: UT-Austin Prof Says Objecting To Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Is “Modern Day Lynching” "Boston Globe column: “modern day attacks on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies in higher education institutions are the equivalent of the tightened rope, and just as suffocating,” says film Prof. who self-identifies “as someone who oversaw a DEI office for several years”" At Da Caller, ‘Enough Is Enough’: Campus Dems Protest ‘Bigot’ GOP Governor Ahead Of Commencement Speech in Virginia. So you know they made the right choice in the last election. At Shiny Herd, From Zero to Netflix: Look How Fast “Microaggressions” Became Pop Culture Dogma, "Other formerly-obscure academic terms also get mainstreamed quickly."

From the PI, news that Another ‘Trump Indictment’ On the Ropes? Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Taking a Month Off. Capt. Ed, No, really: Has Bragg's case against Trump stalled? Update: Pushed out a month? Sundance, Manhattan Grand Jury Now Scheduled to Break for a Month Before Deciding on Trump Indictment and FBI Ran to Senate Intel Committee for Discussions of Trump Posture Following Reports of Looming Manhattan DA Indictment. John Sexton, Insiders worry the case against Trump is too weak to get a conviction. At Da Caller, GAMA SOSA: What Were The Dems Thinking? They Just Handed Trump His Biggest Endorsement Since Michael Moore.

Leslie Eastman at LI notes Biden Targets Air Conditioners In Latest Attack on Americans’ Quality-of-Life Choices "Energy Department rules focused on window air conditioners, which are used disproportionately by poor people and minorities to cool down from summer heat." Scott McKay at Am Spec features John Kennedy, Janet Yellen, and the Disastrous Biden Budget "Yellen dares to call this “fiscally sustainable.”" Meanwhile, The Petrodollar Just Got Smaller Today as The First LNG Shipment Between UAE and France Is Traded in Yuan (Sundance). Breitbart, Derek Kreifels: SVB’s Collapse Serves as the Canary in the Coal Mine for ESG investments

Steve McCann at Am Think think Donald Trump is Campaigning As If It Were 2016, and that's not a good thing. Insty, JOY BEHAR SAYS THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD: Joy Behar: ‘Trump Is The One Who Needs To Get The Nomination Because Then Democrats Will Win.’ "Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” said on Wednesday that she hopes that former President Donald Trump beats Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 Republican primary because Trump is the candidate that Democrats can beat." Behar is not very good at the quiet part. Ed Ring at Am Great says Trump Again Defines National Priorities, "The former president has again defined the territory over which an upcoming national election will be fought. And in so doing, he’s done the nation a great service." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.23, in the Shark Tank, Fried Files Ethics Complaint Against DeSantis. At the Pipe Line, Michael Walsh says Not One Step Back', "in an interview with British professional mediocrity Piers Morgan (someone no American political figure should ever speak with) he backtracked: and by so doing, dug himself deeper and deeper into the media Pit of No Return. Behold the peril of talking (at least as quoted by Morgan) . . ."

John Sexton reports Fetterman will return to the Senate in 3 weeks, or at least his empty shell. At CJ, Dave Wu thinks the Asian vote is Up for Grabs. "Candidates who wish to secure the Asian American vote should look to public safety and equality of opportunity in education."

Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports Attorney General Expects Durham Report ‘Relatively Soon’

The redoubtable Julie Kelly says it's Time to End the Veil of Secrecy Inside D.C. Kangaroo Court "The new chief judge needs to shine much-needed light inside the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse." Andy West at Da Lid, REVEALED: Multiple Feds Embedded in J6 Capitol Crowd "Hate To Say We Told You So, But We Told You So." The Fedsurrection. At Am Think, A biased Oath Keeper juror speaks, by Dave Zukerman. From Mediaite, ‘Pretty Much a Crime’: Murdoch Blamed Trump Directly For Jan. 6 Riot in Newly Released Emails. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed thinks Foreign Influence And Hack-And-Leak Operations Apparently Only Matter If They Hurt Democrats.  "this represents a huge scandal because it means Mueller’s team ignored the apparent hacking of an American citizen allegedly carried out at the request of a foreign country to influence American policy, while prosecutors then allegedly used the hacked materials to target the Trump-connected Republican." Bob Spencer at PJM, Weaponized ATF, IRS Intimidate Enemies of the Biden Regime. "Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on Monday suddenly raided a gun store in Smyrna, Ga., where — lo and behold! — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to speak Thursday. Wow, what a coincidence!"  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene@RepMTG

Today, the ATF showed up with 16 agents, most from out-of-state from cities like LA and San Francisco, to “inspect” Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA. This visit was unprecedented. The sheer amount of agents from the bluest parts of the country is unusual and unnecessary to conduct a routine audit. This is a prime example of Joe Biden and the Democrats weaponizing federal agencies to silence and intimidate their political opponents. I fear this is just the beginning and they are directly targeting our Second Amendment and our right to protect and defend our families. I’m proud to have joined my colleagues to do our job and conduct Congressional Oversight on this highly suspect “inspection.”

 Liz Stauffer at Power Line on how As Matt Taibbi Testified About Weaponization of the Government, the IRS Made a Housecall. "The hopelessly corrupt Biden administration obviously wasn’t too happy with Taibbi’s recent series on the Twitter Files where he and several other journalists, including Michael Schellenberger and Bari Weiss, exposed the FBI’s collaboration with Twitter executives to censor content on the social media platform ahead of the 2020 election." Bob Spencer at Front Page, Biden Regime Even Wanted to Censor PRIVATE Text Messages

Lincoln Brown at PJM, BE VERY AFRAID: The RESTRICT Act Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. The bill to ban TikTok would do a lot more. Sundance highlights Epic Live TV – Jesse Waters Tells Senator Lindsey Graham He’s Listed as a Co-Sponsor on the Restrict Act – Graham Has No Idea

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