Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Forget It PETA, It's Baltimore

 Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, PETA: Crabs are people too, you know

It’s been a while since we last heard from the wackadoodles at PETA but they’re still out there producing groan-inducing content to give everyone else an unintentional chuckle. The latest example comes to us from Baltimore, where the group has released a new video and advertisement campaign supposedly intended to end cruelty to animals. (A goal I believe most of us would agree with.) But they aren’t talking about homeless cats and dogs or even farm animals. Now PETA wants you to understand that crabs are “clever little people.” As such, you shouldn’t be cooking and eating them. Yes, that’s right… crabs. Oh, the humanity! (Baltimore Sun)

Crabs aren’t people. Or are they?

In a 30-second video released Monday by the animal rights organization PETA, the nonprofit’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, calls the crustaceans “clever little people” — and urges actual people to think twice about eating them.

“Humans have always mocked those they find a little different. Crabs may look different from us, they may be small, but that’s no reason to harm them,” Newkirk says as the narrator of the commercial, which PETA said will began airing on Baltimore-area TV stations starting Monday evening.
Seeing is believing, so here is the advertisement. Don’t worry. It’s mercifully short. 

In Maryland, and Baltimore in particular, crabs are not people, they are food.

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  1. ive always wondered where people who spent their entire university tenure in a drug induced coma wound up. it seems they went into government.