Sunday, May 1, 2022

GOP in Generic Lead, Economy Stumbles, Walls Fail to Close on Trump, Misdismal Board Questioned, Musk Troll AOC

 A relatively mild morning. At Da Caller, GOP Holds Generic Congressional Ballot Lead In NPR/Marist Poll For The First Time In Eight Years, but WaPoo rushes in to disagree, Biden ticks up, but GOP holds advantage on economy, Post-ABC poll finds, "Republicans lose ground when it comes to which party voters see themselves casting ballots for in November and the parties are now at rough parity." Polling is a black art pretending to be a science. It may be more accurate than haruspex, but not very much. Michael Ginsberg at Da Caller takes pains to notice The 11 Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans. Gov. Hogan made #3. It's not really a fair comparison, there are more Pub governors (28)than Dems (22), but it does suggest something.

Mediaite butthurt that Tucker Carlson Says Wildly Off-Base CNN+ Projections Were ‘Even Less Plausible Than 81 Million Votes in a Presidential Election’, and not about the CNN+ part. Carmine Sabia@CarmineSabia "Joe Biden - 81 million votes. Jill Biden's book - 250 copies. Sounds reasonable." Politicians and politicians wives books are a poorly disguised form of graft. I'm shocked, though that somebody hasn't stepped up to buy a few million copies. I thought the Biden machine was more professional than that. 

CNN Business admits, Nasdaq wraps its worst month in nearly 14 years as recession fears grow stronger and sundance at CTH notices, CNN Frets, 76 Percent of Americans Say Economy Getting Worse. Also from sundance, Food Supply Protectionism is Rapidly Spreading as Global Organizations Like The IMF Warn of Consequences. This might be a good time for that diet you've been putting off. Bloomberg regarding Phoenix This Is Where Inflation Runs Hottest in America. Just Ask Voters, threatening Mark Kelly's Senate seat. How desperate at Dems? Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair reports Democrats are suddenly embracing a congressional stock-trading ban, over Nancy Pelosi mummified corpse and Biden Considering $10,000 Student Loan Forgiveness Per Borrower. That would be $321 billion (with a "B") of added debt. Apparently he's worried about those blue-hair chicks with gender studies degrees. 

Sundance again, with Election 2022, Catherine Englebrecht Outlines Devastating Evidence of Corruption by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. I don't see the tie to Kemp that clearly, but he sure didn't do anything to stop it.

At Campus Reform, University is amending its 'anti-racist' 'vision statement' after 60+ instructors object to politicized language "Many instructors found the proposals to have a “heavy dose of political and activist code language,” and that they are being pushed by a “rigid left-wing agenda," The Boston Globe reports." Tampa Freep reports Florida Judge Orders Defendant To Write Essay Explaining LGBT Hatred For Doing A “Burnout” On The Street. Eddie Scarey at Da Fed, It’s Not In Your Head: The Left Really Has Become This Miserable. She's still at it:

Hmmm, Fox, Disney corporate affairs chief Geoff Morrell steps down after three months, "Morrell was named chief corporate affairs officer in December" and NR, Disney Just Fired Its Corporate-Affairs Chief, "Both Disney CEO Bob Chapek and its previous CEO Bob Iger made the spectacularly unwise choice to make Disney (as far as I can tell) the only major company to interject itself into Florida’s politics over its new parental-rights law, so naturally it’s . . . the head of corporate affairs who got canned."

Liz Harrington@realLizUSA, "NEW! President Donald J. Trump announces his endorsement of Congressman Greg Pence" Mike's bro. Bad news for the bitter clingers at The Week, Trump appears poised to avoid criminal charges in Manhattan grand jury probe. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, New York grand jury fishing expedition into Trump's businesses ending without charges. NR express their disappointment, Trump Unlikely to Face Indictment in Manhattan Court for Business Practices.  CNN whines  New text messages reveal Fox's Hannity advising Trump White House and seeking direction. I can hardly wait for the text messages between the CNN crowd and the Biden White House to start coming out. You know they were leaked by the J6 committee don't you? 

'It is our duty to shut down this department immediately,' Boebert tells Fox News Digital" and Dan Bongino warns the fight for free speech has just started, conservative censorship is 'all around us,' "Wikipedia, Apple and Google all partake in censorship, he says" From PM, House GOP introduces bill to terminate Biden's 'Disinformation Governance Board,' ""Mayorkas: stop acting like a dictator and try acting like you give a darn about the safety and security of your fellow Americans," commented Boebert." At PJ Media Bob Spencer warns Biden’s New Disinformation Governance Board Is ALREADY Expanding Its Scope

When Politico revealed the existence of the Board in an offhanded statement buried 60 paragraphs down in its Wednesday “Politico Playbook,” it said that the Department of Homeland Security was “standing up a new Disinformation Governance Board to coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, however, went farther than that almost immediately, saying on Thursday: “We have just established a mis- and disinformation governance board in the Department of Homeland Security to more effectively combat this threat not only to election security, but to our homeland security.” And when Jen Psaki defended Biden’s new Ministry of Truth on Thursday, she went farther still: “We know there has been a range of [disinformation] out there about a range of topics, I mean, including COVID for example, and also elections and eligibility.”

At the PI, James Woods, Elon Musk, Tulsi All Rip Biden’s New Soviet-Style ‘Disinformation Governance Board.’ Sundance, Naomi Wolf Eloquently Deconstructs the Terms Dis, Mis, and Malinformation

Reuters, Musk told banks he will rein in Twitter pay, make money from tweets. Fire all the woke censors. Culturcidal by John Hawkins evaluates, Is Elon Musk Correct When He Says Liberals Have Moved Far to the Left Since 2008? "Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Read the column." Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Elon Musk Trolls AOC on Twitter and It’s the Best Thing Ever and Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Elon Musk Flips the Script on AOC With Four Words 

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