Sunday, July 25, 2021

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Fox, Baltimore police requesting 100 federal officers to assist in fighting violent crime "Baltimore is on track to hit 300 homicides for the 7th year in a row."

The Baltimore Police Department is requesting federal police officers to combat violent crime in the city.

"The ask is for federal agents to come help us," Baltimore police Commissioner Michael Harrison explained this week, according to WBAL-TV.

"Certainly, police officers will answer citizens calls for service. But I think what the bigger picture meant is federal agents will be on the streets of Baltimore. Not specifically patrolling, but on the streets helping, working side by side with police officers to help fight violent crime."

The federal government has yet to agree to the plan but it is believed that up to 100 officers, many from the ATF and U.S. Marshall’s office would be sent to assist Baltimore police.

It was also revealed via court testimony this week that Baltimore’s police department is facing a severe shortage of police officers. The department currently has 600 vacancies which includes 392 officers and 14 detectives.

Why, it was only April when Baltimore Mayor was proposing to move money away from the Police Department (defunding the police); Mayor defends his approach to shape Baltimore public safety budget "'We can responsibly reimagine our city budget so that the burden is not solely on police,' mayor says"

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott is defending his approach to shape the city budget when it comes to public safety.

The mayor said Wednesday he will develop a task force to find ways to reduce the police budget over the next five years and create a plan to prioritize officers' efforts on reducing violent crime.

During an unrelated news conference Thursday morning, the mayor explained that his intention for the task force is to analyze the budget and move funding to other agencies, if needed.

Well, Baltimore is only #2 for murders, with 58.3 per 100,000 annually, compared to St. Louis at 64.5. Number 1 or bust! 

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